Breaking : SHOE DRIVE 2011 Report SHOE DRIVE 2011 Report


RACE. GIVE. INSPIRE. Those words were the driving force behind‘s 1st ever shoe drive! With only 3 days to spread the word, we were able to collect four sacks worth of donations. Big thanks to everyone who donated!

The Shoe Drive 2011 Call

The grand total was 41 pairs of rubber shoes and dozens of old race singlets. All of which proudly turned over to Tuloy Foundation, the chosen beneficiary of the shoe drive.

The Shoes

The Singlets

Charity work is something that has always been close to my heart so when tri-buddy (now Ironman!), Greg Banzon, gave a free booth space at the Animo Sprint Triathlon. I decided to make the most of the opportunity by organizing a charity event. Why a shoe drive? Because if there’s one thing we multisport junkies have lots of, it’s old shoes and race singlets right? Why let it rot in your closet when someone can still use it? Booth at the Animo Tri

Mam Sarita Zafra suggested Tuloy Foundation as I was frantically looking for a good organization that I can donate the shoes to. We were given lots of charity options, all of which contacted but it was Tuloy Foundation, who got our final nod. After speaking with Ayra Esmaquel we believe we made the right choice.

I was lucky enough to chance upon and talk to Fr. Marciano “Rocky” G. Evangelista, SDB, President & Project Director of Tuloy Foundation, Inc.  He told me about Tuloy Foundation’s vision, which is to give the homeless a home that they could proudly call their own and more importantly, give them a chance to live a better life.

Welcome to Don Bosco!

With Fr. Rocky Evangelista

I was floored when I entered Tuloy Foundation. The facilities are simply top-notch. World class, as Fr. Rocky calls it. And that is something they’re really proud of. That it is possible to create a world class home for the street children. Given the right drive, mission, leadership, and organization.

The Church

Mc Donalds!!!

Ronald loves

Beautiful Garden of Hope

Master Chef Anyone?

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who donated and thank you also to Timex Philippines, The Brick Multisport Store, Crossfit Manila, The Starting Line Multisport Store, 720-Armour, SLS3 Compression, and K-Edge Chain Catchers for supporting the event.Lets do it again next year?



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  1. Grace So

    You are an inspiration Carlos de Guzman. Hope God gives you more blessings and I pray that this site will get bigger and bigger so that you will be able to do more charity work in the future

  2. Zaldy

    God bless the admin of this website. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and for you to find time to organize and do this makes you one of the most special triathletes that we have here in the country. Looking forward meeting you in races and shaking your hand. You deserve it.

  3. Lindy

    I just saw this article. Fantastic job to the admin. We have a lot of sports websites and I think this is the only website where charity work is one of its top activities. Kudos to and its admin, Carlos de Guzman. Please keep up the good work. P.S. Hope to meet you one day sir :)

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