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Leaked Official Pictures of the 2012 Cervelo P5

After months of speculation and just a few days before the actual launch date (thanks to the wonders of the internet!), got hold of the official pictures of the newest TT bike from Cervelo, the P5! Nothing else to say but “damn that bike is sexy!” Super clean and looks insanely fast! Enjoy the pictures!

It all started with a “staged” leaked picture that got everyone talking! Notice in the picture that the P5 has a regular looking front brake. MAGURA, a company which specializes in hydraulic brakes, is now one of the official sponsors of Cervelo’s Tour de France cycling team. The brakes in the picture just don’t make sense. Perhaps this could be lower tier P5 mechanical version? Plus there’s just something wrong with the kid playing dangerously on top of the ledge! Where’s her nanny?

The specs of the P5 in the leaked pic, fully decked out with straight campy and cobb cycling saddle makes it look like this one is built for TeamTBB, who is sponsored by Cervelo, Campanolo, and Cobb Cycling Saddles.

PhotobucketHer shirt is a dead giveaway too. (

PhotobucketDrive Side View.

PhotobucketLess Aggressive / Higher Stack

PhotobucketSuper Clean Front End. Can anyone see the front brakes?

PhotobucketIt’s a guessing game if the higher tier P5 model is built just for Di2 but it’s highly unlikely.

PhotobucketSlick and slippery all the way to the rear.

PhotobucketUber Clean Front End. Guaranteed to slice the wind.

PhotobucketAgain… ZERO Exposed Cables! Can’t get any cleaner than that!

PhotobucketThe underside. Check out the rear brakes!

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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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