World Triathlon and PTO Join Forces for Long Distance Triathlon Championships

World Triathlon and the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) have unveiled a groundbreaking partnership, solidifying the PTO Tour’s status as the official World Championship Tour of long-distance triathlon. This collaboration will see the introduction of a captivating season-long narrative, mirroring the success of World Triathlon’s Championship Series, catering specifically to long-distance athletes and featuring the innovative ‘made for TV’ 100km race format.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Points-Based Competition and Continental Championships: The partnership introduces a points-based competition that will culminate in awarding Professional men’s and women’s World Championship titles at the close of the season-long tour. The plan also encompasses the establishment of Continental Championships in five distinct regions: Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.
  2. Unveiling the 100km ‘Made for TV’ Distance: All events in the tour will adhere to non-drafting rules over the 100km distance, comprising a 2km Swim, 80km Bike, and 18km Run, all conducted under the aegis of World Triathlon’s regulations.
  3. Inclusion of Age Group Championships: The Age Group Championships will follow the existing selection process of National Federations, offering Age Group athletes opportunities to compete in the six Championship events, including the World Championship and the five Continental Championships.
  4. Holistic Collaboration: The partnership extends beyond race logistics, with World Triathlon and PTO working collaboratively on various facets. These include Anti-Doping measures, Competition Jury appeals, Safeguarding and Manipulation of sport competition guidelines, Technical assistance with a dedicated Technical Delegate from World Triathlon at all events, and a comprehensive Marketing and Commercial partnership between the two organizations.

World Triathlon President, Marisol Casado, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to elevate the sport of triathlon. She emphasized the joint commitment of both organizations to fostering inclusivity, fairness, and sustainability in the triathlon landscape.

PTO Executive Chairman, Chris Kermode, drew parallels to his experience in tennis, emphasizing the significance of unification in the sport. He outlined how this partnership can channel efforts towards the growth of triathlon as a mainstream sport.

Former international triathlete and current PTO CEO, Sam Renouf, echoed the importance of the partnership, underscoring the need to unite long-distance triathlon and bring it back into the fold of World Triathlon’s ecosystem. Renouf also highlighted the potential of Age Group Championship racing to create global opportunities similar to the World Marathon Majors’ influence in the running community.

The collaboration’s objective extends beyond the creation of a new long-distance triathlon tour. It encompasses a range of services, including an enhanced anti-doping program, Competition Jury appeals through the World Triathlon system, Safeguarding guidelines, technical support with World Triathlon’s Technical Delegate presence, and a cohesive marketing and commercial strategy.

Alistair Brownlee, a former PTO Athlete Board member and IOC Athletes’ Commission member, emphasized the partnership’s value in propelling the sport forward and bringing athletes and fans closer together.

As the collaboration unfolds, both organizations are committed to releasing full details of the expanded PTO Tour calendar in October. These details will encompass race locations, participating athletes, and event specifics for both Professional and Age Group championship events.

This pioneering collaboration between World Triathlon and the PTO promises not only to reshape long-distance triathlon but also to set a precedent for unity, growth, and transformation in the broader triathlon community.

World Triathlon and PTO Partnership Dynamics:

  • The partnership unites the PTO Tour with World Triathlon without the PTO becoming part of World Triathlon.
  • PTO Tour races will maintain the same non-drafting format, distinct from short course World Triathlon races.

Recognition and Titles:

  • PTO race winners will earn World Triathlon titles, similar to the WTCS series for short course racing.
  • Regional Championships will be established within the series, including for Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa.

Race Calendar and Format:

  • All PTO Tour races will be run in partnership with World Triathlon.
  • PTO Tour events already adhere to World Triathlon rules, with certain exemptions agreed upon for each event.
  • The 100km distance is recognized as the official distance of ‘Long Distance’ triathlon.

Qualification and Participation:

  • Professional athletes’ qualification for the PTO Tour in 2024 will depend on their PTO World Ranking.
  • Wildcard starts will continue based on performance, potential, and World Triathlon ranking.

Age Group Participation:

  • Age Groupers can enter either the open Age Group race or compete in the championship event through National Federation selection.

Race Calendar Synchronization:

  • The partnership aims to unify the race calendar, avoiding further fragmentation.

Other Event Participation:

  • PTO professional athlete members can still earn PTO World Ranking points at Ironman and Challenge events.


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