Century TriHard Triathlon Team Joins Forces with Cosmetique Asia for 2024 Season

Shared Vision for Health and Wellness

The Century TriHard Triathlon Team, represented by Captain Louie Carballo and co-captains Chang Hitalia and Faith Garcia on May 7, 2024 officially partnered with Cosmetique Asia Corporation, led by CEO Janssen Co. This collaboration is set to energize the 2024 racing season with a new sponsorship deal inked by the leaders of both organizations.

Shared Vision for Health and Wellness

The synergy between the Century TriHard Triathlon Team and Cosmetique Asia’s brands, Silka and Biogenic, extends beyond mere sponsorship.

Both entities champion a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of an active lifestyle. Louie Carballo expressed his gratitude for the ongoing support from Silka and Biogenic, acknowledging their crucial role in promoting health and vitality which aligns perfectly with the triathlon team’s mission.

Impact on the Triathlon Community

The partnership is more than a sponsorship—it’s a commitment to inspire and motivate the community to embrace fitness and well-being. By joining forces, Century TriHard and Cosmetique Asia are setting a precedent for how sports teams and corporate entities can work together to enhance the quality of life through sports. Their collaboration is poised to bring new opportunities and resources to both seasoned athletes and amateurs, encouraging them to push their limits and pursue a lifestyle rooted in wellness.

This partnership marks a promising start to the 2024 triathlon season, setting a vibrant tone for future endeavors where sports and health unite to foster a community rich in perseverance, dedication, and holistic health.



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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