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Racing Hell | A Review on Lightweight Shoes

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Its Triathlon season and triathletes more than runners are meticulous about their gear more than any other athlete in the world.  Always has to be the lightest, and the toughest out there.  It has to be able to take all the punishment the athlete can dish out.  Runners are no pushover; if runners don’t meet their target time, its either they only blame 1 of the 3: 1) training 2) injury 3) shoes.  runners distinguish the value for money – and they know that the most valuable investment in the sport of running is shoes.

In a nutshell, this is what you need to know (WEIGHT BASED ON SIZE 9US):


Brooks Green Silence – make an eco statement with this shoe.  Its light and it does the job.  Same texture of outsole with the musha.  As many happy runners there are using this shoe, there is quite an alarming number of runners who find the asymmetrical lacing of this shoe annoying (just like asics had with their kayano 15 – which they switched back to traditional lacing).

Asics Piranha


weighing in a little less than 5 oz, this shoe is untouchable in being light.  Advantages of wearing a lighter shoe delays fatigue and tiredness on your legs while running; you will reach the finish line before you even begin to think of taking that hydration stop.

Mizuno Wave Musha


the AP midsole rides well, same with other mizuno shoes.  The traction on this shoe specially on the forefoot is questionable.  Though its hard rubber, quite smooth and flat.

All four K-Swiss racing shoes has been Ironman proven (42.195 kms) under the scorching sun in the island of Kona, Hawaii –  so ‘nuff said about them.


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L to R: kwicky blade light, blade light run, kruuz, k-ona

K-Swiss’ investment in athletes and R&D has really paid off.  Since their penetration of running and triathlon in 2007, they are now synonymous to performance, and having what it takes for the toughest athletes.  If you want something tried and tested by the most demanding race in the world – K-Swiss dares you to take your pick.

New Balance

820 – this shoe is bang for the buck.  For P3995, you get a tough lightweight shoe.  In this category, being tough is hard to come by.  Because of its all carbon rubber outsole, this has more probable chance that it will run with you through numerous races and get you faster to the finishline than your average running shoe.  Comes with elastic laces, so it suddenly widened its attraction to multi-sport athletes; the Abzorb cushion is really comfortable and will be ready for any punishment you will dish out.

RC 1300


Is a track inspired shoe, what this means is that if you want supreme traction and zero energy loss from your foot to the ground – look no further.  With the TPU injected hard rubber outsole on the forefoot – this is where the action is at.  These shoe breaths of speed and power.

There it is friends, a wide array of speed machines for your demanding events.  The questions you have to answer are:

1)      how much do you value your race day? AND..

2)      how fast do you want to get there?

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