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The SBR.ph #Selfie act of 2013 | New Site Feature

We want YOUR pictures on the site! Introducing the SBR.ph #Selfie Act of 2013! Based on the success of the #tu2live and #triunited2 picture feed, we decided to make this a regular feature of the website.

Yep, just upload your pics on instagram with the hashtag #swimbikerunph during training, racing, or just plain chillaxing and see your picture posted on the site in real time!

Which one do you think should be the official hashtag of our humble little endurance space on the web? #SWIMBIKERUNph or #SBRph? Post your thoughts on the comments section below! :)

 photo wewant_zps9ed27a42.jpg

We’re still working on getting twitter pictures integrated as well as facebook posts (assuming that’s possible, as hashtag is now also available on fb). Expect this to be done within a week or two :)

Train, race, upload, hashtag, and enjoy! :)

#Selfies allowed :)


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