Green Triathlon is fully supporting Green Triathlon! Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP) movement to promote a cleaner, waste free, and greener triathlon. Lets all help out and spread the word!

Triathlon is getting greener in the Philippines!  In support of ITU’s worldwide initiative to help protect the planet and save the environment, we, at TRAP, are launching our own Green Triathlon® initiative this month.

Our aim is to reduce our events’ and programs’ pollution and waste production by encouraging reduction (simplification), reusing and recycling, while actively involving our own TRAP staff, athletes, fans, supporters, sponsors, partners, event hosts, and the media.

We have, so far, collected hundreds of green ideas and have listed some for immediate implementation.

  1. All TRAP internal and external documents (event info, race calendar, entry form, press release, email message, etc) will have a footnote reminder to save the environment,
  2. Announce and re-announce the initiative through email blasts, TRAP Facebook account, Green Triathlon page in the new TRAP website (under construction), press releases, as well as PA announcements during the conduct of races.
  3. Encourage athletes, hosts and sponsors to reduce, if not eliminate the use of plastic bags, and use reusable bags instead. Thus, we will include reusable event bags as giveaways instead of or in addition to event/finishers t-shirts.
  4. Implement paperless online race registration and fee payment. This will be among the features of the redeveloped TRAP website.
  5. Encourage group or club registration to save on time, effort and resources needed for the usual individual registration.
  6. Do away with envelopes or cases for race packets.
  7. Segregate trash properly and arrange proper trash collection
  8. Use paper cups or recyclable plastic in races
  9. All TRAP events will be non-smoking events
  10. Encourage car pooling to get to race venues

Deal with suppliers and service providers who support the Green Triathlon® initiative.


  1. Register to races online or via email
  2. Register as a group through your club
  3. Do not print emailed TRAP documents and messages
  4. Carpool to events or use public transport
  5. Use low emission vehicles
  6. Avoid use of plastic bags and materials
  7. Avoid disposables
  8. Purchase durable, quality gear
  9. Always bring reusable bags
  10. Use refillable fluid containers
  11. Dispose trash in appropriate bins
  12. Donate extra sports gear and equipment.
  13. Share Green ideas with TRAP


  1. Carpool to events or use public transport
  2. Always bring reusable bags for shopping and carrying stuff
  3. Buy less stuff
  4. Refuse packaging  like plastic bags and wrappers
  5. Patronize local products using local labor and materials
  6. Dispose trash in appropriate bins


  1. Do not use plastic for product packaging
  2. Minimize handing out of fliers or marketing materials
  3. Avoid disposables
  4. Giveaway eco friendly items  like reusable bags
  5. Use reusable streamers, posters, etc


Help spread the word

Source: TRAP



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