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“Swim 2.4 miles. Bike 112 miles. Run 26.2 miles. Brag for the rest of your life

Ironman is one of the most extreme endurance sports in the world. Why do people do it? It’s the question most people ask all the Ironman finishers. The funny thing is, most of the triathletes don’t have a definite answer as to why they do it. Yes it hurts, it hurts a lot. It takes a lot of toll on your body. For some, it’s about self fulfillment, others for a certain cause, and for some, it’s about being one of the 1/1000th of 1% of the world who can say they have gone and completed an Ironman Triathlon.

With Ironman Langkawi gone, the upcoming Ironman China on May 29, 2011 is now considered to be the next “must-do” Ironman race in Asia for all the Filipino triathletes. It’s certainly the cheapest. A factor for most Pinoys

As soon as registration opened, tons of Filipino endurance athletes  coordinated and registered for the event. As of posting time today (2/15/2011), this is probably the biggest pinoy contingent to ever join an Ironman branded  race.

SBR.ph will be following some of these endurance athletes in their quest for Ironman Glory. Some will be going for their first, some will be gunning for their 5th and 4th, and some will be attempting to rise back up.. after failing to finish the ultimate endurance race.

Read on below to see the official list of the 2011 Ironman China Pinoy Contingent. Their team and their listed number of Ironman finishes and attempts.  19 First Timers, 21 Crazy Pinoy Ironmans who already did  it before and are back for more. And 3 who fell short in their previous try and will attempt to finish it again. The true warriors of the group.

Let’s wish them luck. God speed, livestrong, train hard, and good luck to everyone!

Pinoy Contingent for the 2011 Ironman China

as of 2/15/2011


1. John Villanueva | 1st IM

2. Art Ifurung | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

3. Alan Galang | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

4. Rene Tayag| 2nd IM | 2009 Langkawi

5. Edward Ifurung | 2nd IM | 2009 Langkawi

6. Lawrence Amor | 1st IM

7. Ton Guzman | 1st IM

8. Abe Tayag | 5th IM

9. Don Co | 1st IM

10. Andy Garcia | 1st IM

Polo Tri

1. Levy Ang | 1st IM

2. Alex Reyes | 1st IM


1. Elmer V. Santiago | 1st IM

Team Hammer

1. Javy Olives | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

2. Meyo Rodriguez | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

3. JC Pineda | 1st IM

4. Mari Javier | 1st IM

5. Ferdinand Catabian II | 3rd IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2010 Langkawi

Bike King

1. TJ Isla | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

2. Martin Lorenzo | 1st IM


1. Greg Banzon | 4th IM attempt | 2009 Langkawi, 2009 IMWA, 2010 Langkawi

EPIC Triathlon & Cycling Wear

1. Andrew Chinalpan | 3rd IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2010 Langkawi

2. Makoy Almanzor | 1st IM

UPLB Trantados

1. TRAN ICS Ian Castilla | 4th IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2009 IMWA, 2010 Langkawi

2. TRAN 107 Dante Pahud | 3rd IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2009 IMWA

3. TRAN DOC Dennis Pahud | 3rd IM |  2009 Langkawi, 2009 IMWA

4. TRAN CSL Joseph Carlos Casal | 1st IM

5. TRAN SFB Joan Krizia Kalaw | 2nd IM Attempt | 2010 Langkawi

6.TRAN ENT Charlie Dalmacio | 1st IM

7.TRAN CRI Chris Casidsid | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

8. TRAN VAN Ivan Fojas | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

9. TRAN BRI Brian Bituin | 2nd IM | 2009 Langkawi

Timex TMM

1. Carlos de Guzman 4th IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2009 Ironman Western Australia,  2010 Langkawi

2. Tobias Bernardo | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

3. Roy Hervias | 3rd IM | 2009 Langkawi, 2009 Ironman Western Australia

Greenhills Tri Team

1. Emer Go Tian | 1st IM

2. Willy Yao | 1st IM

Army Navy Southtri

1. Robin Salandanan | 1st IM


1. Ugi Maranon | 1st IM

2. Don Velasco | 1st IM


1. Erick Olonan | 2nd IM | 2010 Langkawi

2. Kurt Gutierrez | 2nd IM attempt | 2010 Langkawi


UPLB Trantados

1.TRAN INA Grace Bicaldo


1. James Dulalia

2. Jason dela Rama

Bike King

1. Stephanie Frondoso



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)


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