I know this is a  off topic for a multisport website but I decided to post this here so I can tag it and it will help show up on google. Plus help me spread the word faster via FB share and twitter. Also so I can coordinate all the comments since my email is not working.

As of 9:30 am (3/17/11), my friend called me asking me if my car, with plate number HCP-111 was home cause he said one of our schoolmates from college saw my car (who I named shiro) abandoned at Gloria 2 (a village at tandang sora). He was able to identify the car via the carplate etch on the sidemirror. To my shock and surprise, I checked the place where we usually put our car keys and noticed that my car keys were gone. I ran to the garage and my car was indeed missing.

Gloria 2 is just near our place, about 5 minutes drive and I immediately drove over there with my sister to look for my car. And there we saw my car abandoned, stripped to the bone, jacked up, there were rocks under the car too.

Called everyone I can and called all the police stations that I know. In fairness to QCPD, they reacted swiftly. We were at my car within minutes. When my sister and I drove over and first saw my car we were adviced to wait for the police instead of heading straight to the car for safety reasons. God knows how hard it was for me to turn back and wait for the police at the gate of the village. Seeing my car like that. I had that car since 2002 and its very special to me. In a way, it has a special place in our family because for some reason, it always finds a way to save itself from trouble. Like the time when my family was really down that was the next car to “sanla”.. we then got a break in our business that helped alliviate our funds. I also remember the time when we first bought it. We got it in installment and for some reason, everytime the pdc for my car is about to come up, we’ll find a way to get funds for the cheque so it wouldnt bounce. That’s my very first car that I can call my own and im sure every guy knows how it feels taking care of your first car. I really took care of it and pampered it. It drove me nuts everything I’ll see a tiny scratch or a ding on the door.. and then I saw my car like this. It was really tough. I was gutted, floored, and stunned. I build Shiro from the ground up. From the very first bolt upgrade.

What really pissed me off is that the carnapper had the guts to REPLACE my old steering wheel with, get this, his old MOMO steering wheel. My recaros were stolen too and was replaced by a worn out seat (hey at least it’s a semi bucket seat). That’s a big clue to who the carnapper is. Probably knows a thing or too about cars. There’s a pic of his old MOMO steering wheel that he used to replace my steering wheel in the link below so please if you know anyone who used to own it let me know.

Everything in my car was stolen. EVERYTHING except the engine. It was BARE.

I wont go too much into details because the investigation is still on-going. Honestly, i just dont think I can get type what happened to my car in full detail. It hurts. One thing were all quite sure is, its an inside job since the key of my car was missing too. My car has no tint and it really hurt me to think someone actually got the keys, backed up my car, and drove it all the way out of our subdivision. Without anyone recognizing who the driver was! Sadly, that included the guard. All the people in our house was interrogated already.

This hurts like sh*t but I wont let this bring me down. I WILL FIGHT BACK. I dunno if this is false bravado but I got my car back. Shiro once again found a way to get back to me. Everyone in our house is safe and honestly, that’s all that matters to me. All that I’m thinking is that I’m still lucky coz I still have most of my life. I just keep thinking about our brothers in Japan who lost everything. All I got was a stripped down car. In a way im still lucky. Just taking a positive out of the negative.

I wont stop searching, posting, and scouring the net, banawe, and all the surplus shops to look for any leads or suspects. I’m not after my parts anymore. If I get it back then it’s a bonus. I wanna bring these motherfuckers down.

I’m a super devoted car lover I hope all my fella car lovers from the other car clubs will help me spread the word and pictures around. I will be printing the parts that was stolen and will give every shop that I can see a copy. I don’t care no matter how hard and how long it will take.

Thank you to all those who helped me, stayed with me during the whole process, and brought spare tires and car battery. Yes.. even the battery was stolen. You guys know who you are. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

I will be posting a spec list soon. I just cant find it as of the moment.

This is a double whammy for me and my family because my dad is going thru medical operations.. its officially bye bye for me too for Ironman China.

I HAVE A POSSIBLE LEAD. Carshow peeps if you noticed the original jap plates that i have has the numbers 32-59  CLICK HERE FOR THE PIC. Now i just noticed this but the JAP plates that was left on my car has the number 86-89 CLICK HERE FOR THE PIC!

Please help me scour various car show pics (the robber has probably has a JDM setup and I pray to God that his car has a pic with the japanese plate 86-89).

From what we compiled so far the car was probably stolen, parked in a garage, stripped, parked it at gloria 2, took off the rims, and then left the car abandoned.

Here are photos of the parts that were stripped. As of now this is all I could find please browse the pics and look at the descriptions. Some of the stolen items has a tell tale sign that its mine. Like the radio has a malfunctioning LCD and the recaro has a small tear on the middle part. The rims has some light scratches as well. It’s a bonus some of my parts are pretty rare so its at least easy to identify. Also some of the parts are available only for my cars model only. It wont fit other cars like the Tanabe Strutbar, door panels, and rear seats.


Here are photos of the crime scene with my car shiro stripped to the bone. In the pics are fellow CSG car club members and QCPD along with SOCO.


I’d appreciate any help that I can get. If you got spare parts you can share, I’ll take it. Just wanna make my car whole again. Please share this via fb or twitter. Lets spread the word around and take care everyone.

For any leads please dont hesitate to contact me at 0917-2554111 or at [email protected]



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  1. Mad cow, not just HCP member. Carlo was the founder. carlo, you probably dont remember me, but I used to join you sa eb’s nung sa GH palang. Hope you find the bastards that did this

  2. lets look for some parts of your car at the upcoming Manila International Auto Salon. Atleast I saw your parts na, I can check it out narin. :) I know its rough for you. But hang on there.. Mahahanap din ang suspect diyan.

  3. Sorry about Shiro bossing :( I’ve reposted this to FB. Will pray for your dad as well. Stay strong and I’m happy to see you’re staying positive after all of this.

  4. Hey Man, sorry about this. I am a car enthusiast and hate everything about what happened. I am posting this on my FB and my whole network of friends. I hope we find the bastards that did this unimaginable crap on SHIRO.

  5. A car that has a name is a car that is loved. My Accord is named Tres, and he IS family. I am shocked and saddened to read this; can’t even finish seeing all the photos of Shiro after what happened; he is home and he’ll be alright, soon. Take care, Sir.

  6. don’t lose hope sir those BASTARD are bound to show their faces or car some where in the metro…. posted the page in FB narin and will try to share sa site ng club namin…

  7. Carlo sorry to hear about what happened. Good thing nobody got hurt. I still remember when you were still contemplating on getting a 2nd hand Accord then with the help of your mom you were able to get Shiro (bnew) instead.

    I hope you find who ever did this.

  8. I use to join your EB here in alabang. this car is amazing I’ve seen this parked in front of cross 5 autoshop. base from your story its an inside job. the fact they were able to get the keys. Go get em boss!!

  9. How sad to hear what they did to your car when i saw it posted on our site, it was posted by one of our car group member k9fnx in Mazdatech and for sure the news is now spreading with our other members.

    We all hope that Chiro will be okay soon.


  10. How sad to hear what they did to your car when i saw it posted on our site, it was posted by one of our car group member k9fnx of Mazdatech and for sure the news is now spreading with our other members.

    We all hope that Shiro will be okay soon.


  11. sorry for the loss of your beloved car.. kung tayo nga gasgas lang yung inabot ng oto natin pero sobrang sama na ng loob natin… yun pa kayang limasin yung mga gamit ng oto…. anyway sir.. I already posted this link sa lahat ng pwedeng pagpostan… we at Pitcrew Philippines will help you hunt down those bastards….

    More power sir!

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