Shiro Parts Recovered.

This has been an unbelievable journey.

Throughout this whole ordeal I never lost faith. When I first found out that my car was carnapped I was shocked and was really sad but in the end I just surrendered everything to God. He has never given me anything before that I was not able to recover from.

And then an amazing stroke of luck happened.

The suspect was already selling my items. We just got lucky that one of the persons the suspect was selling the items to knows about the incident and informed me about it. Then ayun na. Buy bust operation. I dont wanna go too much into the details anymore. To everyone who wants to know the full story, I just really really wanna move on and recover. Its time for the authorities to take over.

For me the most important part is

I got Shiro’s parts back.  Almost everything that was stripped away from him.

Up to now I still cant believe what happened. Really surreal experience.

Rebuilding Shiro will definitely take some time but at least I now have something to begin with.

Thank you to everyone who helped me.

My family and in laws. Who stood by me and supported me 100% of the way.

My special someone. For always being there. For taking the brunt of my frustrations about this incident.

Club 7th Gen (CSG). We showed to everyone what being a car club is all about. Always sticking together through thick or thin.  This club is truly one of the kind. Thanks to all CSGers who never hesitated to lend me spare tires, lugnuts, car battery, and stayed with me all the way. You guys know who you are.

To all the car clubs. Thanks for sharing my article on facebook and twitter. Thank you for all the words of encouragement, the leads, and support.

To the car shops. Thank you for offering to help me rebuild Shiro. I really appreciate it.

To the people in my various egroups who helped spread the news too.

To the various individuals who showed their support by txting me, fb, email, and the various forums. Maraming maraming salamat.

To our QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, thank you for the help.

To the people of police station 3. To the barangay kagawads. Salamat.

To the entire QCPD DACU, ANCAR Anti-Carnapping Division, and everyone at Camp Karingal. Salamat sa inyong lahat.

To God. This once again proves that if you have faith in him. Nothing is impossible.

Sa lahat ng tumulong at naging biktima. Tagumpay nating lahat ito.

My decision now is to put all of this behind me, learn from it, and move on.

Please feel free to share to everyone

Click for the pictures.

The pictures will speak for itself.

For the last time, thank you



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