Stolen Bike | Please Share and Spread the Word.

Hey everyone! The bike of Reginald Santos was stolen in his apartment yesterday. Attached in this post is the picture of the said bike. Let’s use the full power of the internet and social media and do whatever we can to help a fellow triathlete. Thanks everyone please share and pass.

“Rej here from Team Boring Ultrarunners and Philippine Diabetic Athletes. I got back to my apartment this afternoon just to find out that my bike was stolen! My whole place was a messed up and I found out that they also got my dslr, garmin, amphipod, and even my roomates shoes! I am posting pics of my bike. please do text me at 0917-9631218 in case you see it. Please feel free to repost or pass to your friends and network. Thank you.”



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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