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It’s been awhile since we featured a team here on In[FOCUS]. This 2012, a new team that is slowly making its mark. Backed by a major Philippine sports publication, Team Total Fitness has finally arrived.

For this special Team In[FOCUS], we talked with Mascy Cabuhat, big cheese and p.r. in charge of the Team Total Fitness.


Clowning Around

SBR.ph : Welcome to SBR.ph Team Total Fitness! First of all, talk to us about the team. What’s the concept behind it? What’s the mission/vision of the team?

One of Total Fitness magazine’s brand visions is to be an advocate of fitness and wellness in the country. Realizing the importance of the magazine’s thrust and our desire to share our passion with others, we resolved to create an amateur group that would represent the magazine in both running and multisport communities. We, at Total Fitness, want to walk the talk.

We are empowered to improve not only ourselves but also to be instrumental in sharing our passion and advocacy to people – to live an active and fit lifestyle.


Looking Fierce

SBR.ph : In two words, describe Team Total Fitness.

Hmm, Totally Fascinating. Totally Friendly. ;)

SBR.ph : Do you have to be a subscriber of Total Fitness magazine to be a part of the team?

Not really. If you are already part of the team, you are encouraged to get your Total Fitness magazine copy every month. The magazine has dedicated pages for the Team TF updates monthly.

As part of the Team, you’ll also feel that you are a part of the Total Fitness family and give significant contributions in the magazine’s success. Some of our Team members are currently writing some features for TF.


Perks of having a magazine as your sponsor :)

SBR.ph : How can one join the team? What’s your process of screening members?

Finding members to qualify for the team wasn’t a much of a problem for me. I had the opportunity to meet committed and driven athletes with the passion for the sport through the help of Coach Andy Leuterio. Most of the team members were under his tutelage.

We are trying to create a team not only built on common passion but also on camaraderie. We started as running or training buddies and eventually ended up becoming a team.

We also go for team players who know how to be a positive influence to other team members aside from chasing their individual goals.

SBR.ph : Can I join? =) j/k

SURE!! :) We’ll be open for a few additions soon in time for our second season. This is more on to balance the composition of the team.

We will be very happy to welcome you. When will you be free for the contract signing?! :)

SBR.ph : One of the biggest hurdles each team faces is getting everyone on the same track when it comes to training. Tell us about your training schedule. Do you guys have a set training day where all the members should be present? Do you train together all the time?

Each member has his/her own training program designed by Coach Andy based on the training needs of the member. We also have to meet once a week as a team for our Group sessions to focus on key workout areas. Aside from the group sessions, we still run or ride together on weekends.

SBR.ph : Where do you guys usually train?

We train at BHS for speed sessions and core workouts and at McKinley for hill works and endurance build-up. Each one has a customized training program based on the individual training needs and their progress after each week.


Mascy in the Mix

SBR.ph : Do you guys have a coach? If ever, do you all follow a standard program? Or does each of you have a customized training program?

We are very proud to have Mr. Andy Leuterio as our Coach. Each one has a customized training program based on the individual training needs and their progress after each week.

SBR.ph : So it’s safe to say we’ll expect all of you guys in Cebu for the 70.3?

Our Tri Team will be there to take their shot at 70.3 and some of the Team will also be there to support.

SBR.ph : Are you joining? :)

Well, I’ll have my time for that but I guess not this year. :P


Having fun with Derm Plus

SBR.ph : Talk to us about Team Total Fitness’ 2012 season. What are your target races?

Of course, we’d want to go for the big and challenging ones like Condura, Adidas, Unilab series and cap it off the year with QCIM and Corregidor. But we would also take part on other races in between. For duathlons, we’re going for Powerade series and for Tri, aside from Ironman, we’ll also be in Subit and Anvaya.

SBR.ph : Aside from running and multisport events, what others sports is the team in to?

Some of the Team Members have backgrounds in basketball, boxing, football, badminton and tumbang preso. LOL! :P

SBR.ph : You guys look like a million bucks everytime you race! Tell us about your sponsors.

To add a touch of humility, we are only worth 999,999 bucks. J For our first season, we have Alpha Training Systems, Chris Sports and ON as our shoe sponsor, Oakley for sunglasses, Brooks for apparel, Dermplus for sunblock, CEP for compression, Polar for watch, Moving Comfort and Ipure. We also have 100 Plus as our official hydration partner and Epic Sportswear for our uniforms.

We are also on the lookout for more sponsors for Season 2 as we believe we can be excellent brand ambassadors and at the same time have Total Fitness magazine to promote our sponsors

SBR.ph : Since speed magazine is a well-known sister company of Total Fitness magazine, do all your members need to be speedy as well?

Definitely, we give premium to speed but we also want to run smart, hard and consistent.


Rojan Pajarin

SBR.ph : Who’s the speediest of them all? :)

The fastest runner that we have is Rojan Pajarin who placed 12th in the 21K category in Adidas KOTR.

SBR.ph : Camaraderie is a huge part of any team. Does your team have friendly in-team competitions as well?

We’re all competitive people but at the same time we try to pull each other to the next level in the sense that you always try to catch up to the next fastest runner and everyone improves from the exercise.

Team Total Fitness also values hard work, humility and excellence. The team members also take the initiative to contribute to the team’s goals and help encourage the other members to attain their personal athletic goals.

SBR.ph : How can people reach Team Total Fitness?

We have a Team Total Fitness Facebook page where we share updates about the team via status messages, photos, videos and blogs. We also try to share some training and fitness tips along the way and try to interact as much as we can with people who follow the team. We’re also featured monthly in Total Fitness Magazine.


Ready to Rock

SBR.ph : Any last words you want to say to our readers? Or all your fans? Any upcoming promo’s or events that you want to plug?

Please support our team and we appreciate all who are with us as we take on the rigors of the runners and the multisport life. Total Fitness is planning to come up with a live event come September. Watch out for it!

Come, follow us!



SBR.ph : Thanks for the time Mascy! Goodluck on your 2012 season!

Thanks, Carlos. It’s our pleasure.  :)


With Arleen of Chris Sports



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