Supports Women’s Empowerment Month and Breast Cancer Awareness

“March is Women’s History Month! It is also Women’s Empowerment Month! For years, women have been instrumental in our lives. Without women, where would we be? They have been the role model for us when it comes to self sacrifice, love, kindness, inspiration, motivation, and hope. When the world seems bleak to our youth, it is usually our women who implant in these young ones a ray of hope. Around the globe, women have been there for us. We can appreciate the great sacrifices they have made for their families and humanity” – Columbus Times 03-16-1999

In support of women’s empowerment month and breast cancer awareness, we will turn the site pink for the whole month of march.

A woman is the most precious possession that has ever comes to a man. She is a perfect blend of beauty and brain. She is fun loving, amazing and compassionate, always strong and caring, does her work selflessly. The patience to listen to everyone and the support she gives to everyone around is just amazing. She can put all things right, not to mention, kick our ass as well during training and racing. Here’s wishing all the women a very happy women’s day!!!!

We know that October is the official breast cancer awareness month, but who’s to say you can’t promote it on march as well?

Stay tuned as features the women movers and shakers of the multisport world.

Site statistics show that the male/female ratio of is 75%-25%, favoring the former.

That is one of the things we also aim to change.


To the testosterone packed athletes, it’s time to enjoy getting chicked!



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