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58 and Wants to Get Back in the Game | Ask The Coach

Coach Ani de Leon
  • Coach Ani de Leon is a Certified Level 2 Triathlon Coach by the International Triathlon Union and has completed coaching, camp requirements and attended coaching courses such as Endurance Performance Systems Camp in Melbourne, Australia under Tony Benson, Noosa Triathlon Camp in Sunshine Coast, Australia under Nick Croft, High Performance Training Camp in Goldcoast, Australia under Col Stewart, and the Timex Multisport Team Camp,
  • Coach Ani’s other significant highlights include : The first Filipina Ironman World Championships Qualifier and First Female Multisport Coach in the Philippines, Founder/Coach SuperTriKids Triathlon Youth Dev’t Program, Founder/ Coach of First All Womens Running Clinics (Pinay in Action) in the Philippines, Founding Member of First All Womens Cycling Team in the Philippines (Team Davids Salon), and lastly, perhaps the most important of all (for us at least!), she’s our first In[FOCUS] Athlete too!
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Emails have been pouring in for our newest Online Coach! To kick things off, we got a letter from Casey Cree. An American and a former member of the marine corps married to a Filipina.  He’s 58 and wants to get back in the game! See below to see what Coach Ani has to say.

From: Casey Cree

Hi. im a native american married to a Filipina. i am 58 years old and want to work my way up to being able to participate. however since its been years since was able to run/walk i need to work out and also loose some pounds. im also a former scout in the marine corps (38 years ago) so have some heavy training, but like i said has been years. have a knee injury and (loosing tendons in knee, they think im candidate for replacement) but id rather loose weight and attempt to be active. any ideas…if you have time id appreciate…thanks casey

From Coach Ani:

You came to the right website- a triathlon site as opposed to a pure running one. One of the best things about our sport is that you can gain massive amounts of fitness without over-exerting one muscle group. Since your immediate objective is losing weight without putting too much strain on your knees, swimming and light cycling are perfect for you.

I would recommend a program which looks something like this:

Mon Swim 30-60min
Tue Cycle 45-60min
Wed Gym/ Strengthening 45-60min
Thu Swim 30-60min
Fri Cycle 45-60min
Sat Cycle 90min
Gym/ Strengthening 45-60min
Sun Off

You can switch this around but I hope you get the gist. Make sure that when you bike the resistance is not too heavy for now. Another important aspect of losing weight is proper nutrition. Eat healthily and manage your portions and combined with the exercise program you will be well on your way to fitness.

Once you are fit enough you can start incorporating 20-30min easy runs, twice a week.

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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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