Performance Kinetix Experience

It’s been a while since my body got so sore after a work out! The culprit? I said Yes and decided to train with the Performance Kinetix gang led by triathletes Armand Bautista and Dennis Antonio.

Wanting to jump-start my training engine, I got lucky when I was invited to go to one of the  Performance Kinetix sessions and give it a try. Based in Celebrity Sports Plaza, it’s perfect since it’s near my place.


The Pain Cave

What is Performance Kinetix?


ViPR Tubes

Performance Kinetic is a movement-based fitness conditioning and re-conditioning program. They offer training programs for team building and fitness camps. General strength conditioning, weight loss, weight gain, sports specific conditioning, general and specific fitness, team sport coaching, specialty programs for recovering and reconditioning (rehab), and specific problem spots such as hips, buns, and thighs. The trainers and coaches are professional and certified by the America Council on Exercise, International Triathlon Union, TRX.


The TRX ropes

The Trial

Being the complete professional that I am (promised myself never to be late for an appointment this 2012), I arrived LATE for the scheduled 6am workout. When I got to the place, I was pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces getting down and dirty on the floor doing the workouts.


Arm busting rope drills

The workouts consists of  CIRCUIT – HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING which triggers almost every muscle group of your body.

I didn’t want to be a nuisance since I arrived late so I just positioned myself next to my long time training buddy Julian and without any warmup, executed the drills and thought to myself, “Piece of cake”.


Julian rocking the balance tubes

Or so I thought..


Tires = Pain


The Death Rope!


I have a saying that you know you had a good workout when your body/target body part is sore the next day. To cut the long story short, my legs were ABSOLUTELY smashed the following day! My core hurt and let’s not talk about attempting to put your clothes on! Now that’s  a full body workout!


Try it!

Give it a Go!

Interested to try Performance Kinetix? You may contact them at [email protected] or visit their facebook page !

Here’s a cool training vid of the rope workouts!



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