Breaking News : Official Statement from the Organizers of the Rudy Project Triathlon

After the long wait, here’s the official statement of TRIMAC and the technical team about the recently concluded Rudy Project Triathlon.

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Hi Carlos,

Here is our statement. Out of respect for Rudy Project, we came out with our statement after they had released their statement.

We understand that many participants of the Rudy Project Triathlon Challenge at the Republic Wake Park on Oct. 7 were disappointed that the triathlon was reduced to a duathlon at the last minute.

We apologize for the unfortunate event. We were just as disappointed ourselves.

Contrary to speculations, the organizers had NO intention to deceive or mislead the participants. We were determined to push through with the triathlon.

The water level was sufficient for a one loop swim-wade “fun” triathlon.

However, around midnight, circumstances beyond our control forced us to revise our plans. We could not push through with the swim.



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)


  1. next time bago magorganize kng event make sure lang na maayos ang lahat napag-aralan nyo maigi! wag nyong gawin trial and error at wag nyo lang gawin negosyo!  pambihira!

  2. what is the “circumstances?” buti pa ang TRIMAC nag aaplologize, pero more explanation pa po sana, pero rudy tlga kahit sabihin na nila na hindi umabot yung shades sa event nag bigay naman daw parin ng shades… na wala namang kadatingdating!

    1. it’s not our business already pero bahala na kayo mag sisihan sa.. hindi pag katuloy ng triathlon, poor marshalling, insufficient water, di umabot na shades… hindi naman mangyyaring palpak ang event kung and mga head staffs ng Rudy Project ay involved sa pag sesecure ng kahandaan ng event e. what where they doing anyway? ang kinakagulat pa ng iba sa powerade leg 3 lang biglang sumulpot yung Rudy Project Give it a TRI event, so parang a few days before lang bara barang napagisipan na magka triathlon event.. hindi naman pinaghandaan.

  3. This will go down in Philippine Triathlon history as:
    1. Worst Tri race ever.
    2. Most expensive Duathlon race.
    3. Most suspicious and shady event. (Nag siputan na duathletes na member mismo ng organizers – disappointed ourselves my ass..)
    4. Biggest rip off race
    5. Biggest money making event.
    6. Worst sponsor. (Bad attitude, napakayabang)
    7. Crappy organizers. (Hanggang sa tubig at baso wala? Aysus!)
    Pera-pera lang…
    Definitely on my own “wont race that sh*t” list “moving forward”

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