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Tri United 1 = Check, Candon Tri 1 = Check, Pico de Loro Tri = Check! Now, replace the words “check”, with “champion” and that sums up the 2013 season (so far!) of our next In[FOCUS] athlete.

Don’t be fooled by her slim and petite frame, this chick packs a punch! I should know, I’ve been chicked (gladly!) by her a bazillion times!

As we get back on track, it’s a pleasure to have one of Philippine triathlon’s brightest stars as our first In[FOCUS] feature for 2013, none other than the little heartbreaker herself, Ms. Kim Mangrobang. : Welcome to Kim! Great to have you on board!

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Kim : Thank you for having me here! :) : Seems like you’re on a roll this year! Could we be talking to the next queen of Ironman 70.3 Philippines? 

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Kim : Hopefully in the future!:) But I’m sorry to say I will not join 70.3 Philippines this year, because I’m focusing right now on Standard Distances. : You placed 5th in the recently concluded K-Swiss Subic Bay ASTC, how far are we, in your opinion, in terms of fighting with the best of the best of the world? Is Rio 2016 on your hitlist?

 photo 931404_374040549373605_227349542_n_zps56731c51.jpg2:33:27! Damn

Kim : I think we are not that far on competing against the best here in Asia, against the world? Umm, we are getting there.  For Rio Olympics 2016? Yes, Hopefully! :) : Single? In a relationship? Or it’s complicated? :)

Kim : Yes, im currently in a relationship :) : Kablag! That’s the hearts of our male readers dropping on the floor! Ok, seriously, what are your A races this year?

Kim : It will be the ITU races in abroad. : Who’s your Coach?

Kim and Coach George

Kim : George Vilog Philippine National Coach and Ian O’brien Tri Origin Performance (USA) : You handily beat Monica Torres last Candon Tri, can we now say you’re the greatest of the 3>1 trio?

 photo 381328_2937459845146_1383947560_n_zpsa981416e.jpgThe 3>1 Super Team!

Kim : We are not competing on each other, Monica and me are really good friends. We are just doing our best on every race. : Which of the 3 disciplines do you consider to be your weakest?

Kim : RUN : How are you addressing it?

Kim : I’m trying to run more and still get to balance my Swim and Bike workouts. : Which distance is harder, Olympic or a 70.3?

Kim : For me Olympic Distance because in the whole race you can’t do a steady pace not like in a 70.3. : We noticed you’ve attended  a lot of training camps abroad. Can you give us a taste of what’s it like to attend a legit tri camp? What’s the biggest difference between tri camps abroad and here in the Philippines?

 photo 528817_473882586002517_289030246_n_zps0511811e.jpgSnow White?

Kim : From what I have experienced training abroad is more advanced and more organized compared here in the Philippines. : How are you in terms of endorsements/sponsors? We bet companies are now lining up to get you as their brand ambassador.

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Kim : I’m Happy to all of my sponsors and I’m so thankful to them. They are very very supportive to me. : Do you use sunblock? :) Why and why not?

Kim : Sometimes :) Because I always forget to put on sunblock :) : Without giving much way, can you give us a 1 week sample of your training block?

Kim : Monday: Active rest

Tuesday: Swim am , Run or Bike pm

Wednesday : Track and Swin am, Bike pm

Thursday : Swim am , Run pm

Friday: Swim am , Bike or Run pm

Saturday: HARD Swim am , Long Run pm

Sunday: Long Ride am, Easy Run pm : In a race, who do you think, among the women triathletes today, is your biggest threat?

Kim : In a race I don’t really think of my competitors. I just do my best and enjoy. :) : Anything you want to say to your fans? I’m sure you have lots of ‘em!

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Kim : Thank you for all the Support!!! :) : What do people tell you when they first meet you?

Kim : Hi Idol! Can we take a picture? : What does Kim Mangrobang do when she’s not training?

Kim : Hanging out with Non-triathlete Friends. : Name 1 thing you can’t train without?

Kim : Training Partners/Teammates : Name someone you can’t live without? :)

Kim : Of course Family :) : Ha! Safe answer! Any last training advice words to our readers?

Kim : My advice to all the readers is Train smart and lastly, enjoy what you do. : Thanks for the time Kim! Good luck on your future races!

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Kim : You are most welcome. And thank you! :)



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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