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The Enervon HP Triman Triathlon | Race Results and Review

The Tri Series 2013 is done! Congratulations to all the hardcore Trimans who rocked the “flat” course of the Tri Series grand finale! :) Thank you for supporting our races and thank you for making the Enervon HP Tri Series 2013 a success!

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We promised you guys that we will give you a race that you will never forget and we hope that we’re able to achieve that! From the jam-packed sardines swim, to the blazing fast bike course, down to the very unique and scenic run course! We do apologize though for any minor kinks that happened during race day. We’ll sort that out and make sure none of those will happen again!

And what about Fontana right guys? Let’s give it up to our race venue! We just made Clark the newest tri destination of the country!

Franklin Penalosa of TIMEX-Golds Gym-TMM and triathlon’s newest rising star, Maria Clare Adorna dominated the 1k swim, 25k :) bike , and 5k run of the grand finale.

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Again, on behalf of the entire crew, THANK YOU to our sponsors and of course, to you guys for making all of this possible. Please feel free to leave feedback using our comments section below.

Note : We have verified the correct age group placings. Do note that we made some errors with the winners during awarding. Apologies to those who got called during the awarding and got awarded with the wrong trophy/age group. We vow to never let that happen again!


Further Note : N/A in the results means that the checkers missed your number as you’re passing by. Which only means two things, you didn’t do the loop (which is impossible if you have a finish time), or you might be going too fast that you escaped the eyes of the time keepers and the video cam ;).

A DSQ means you either started in the wrong wave or lacked a loop on the swim, bike, or run. Either way, the reason is indicated in the results sheet.

For any questions about the results, especially about the DNF’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our fb page our at [email protected]

Thanks everyone and see you at the 2014 Tri Series!




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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)


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