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K-Swiss Blade Light Run II | Gear Review

Hmm, this is interesting. That’s exactly what I said, the moment I tried the K-Swiss Blade Light Run II. The shoe feels wobbly and a little bit weird. But for some reason, I kept on using it.

 photo 03029_405_e72f3e4e1d_727459_zpsd20e02af.pngThe 2013 K-Swiss Blade Light Run II

So what’s the K-Swiss Blade Light Run II all about?

The K-Swiss Blade Light Run II is the newest neutral/cushioning new from the company that dons the 5 stripes. It is an update to K-Swiss’ famous Blade Light Run series.

So is it for racing? It’s quite on the heavy side, so you might find it more useful as a trainer and for your moderate 10-21k runs.

 photo kswiss_zpsa4c5ff71.png275 g’s. Apologies if the shoe is muddy and dirty.

We dearly miss the drainage holes in the soles. The tell tale sign that shows this shoe wasn’t intended for racing. For triathlons, at least.

 photo BladeLightRun-629x446_zpsd2a19467.jpg

The soles of the shoe, which features K-Swiss’ famed Aösta II for extra wear protection, is thick. The one piece combination of the midsole and outsole makes it quite stiff which in turn, makes it a little wobbly. The bulky heel area also makes it hard to get a solid feel of the road.

We loved the seamless upper which provided a really good and snug fit. The upper seamfree tech layer also has K-Swiss’ patended ION MASK technology which is designed to repel water. The seamfree tech layer is so comfy,  first time I put the Blade Light Run II’s on, they felt like I was putting on socks!

The shoe also has plenty of toe box room those runners with wide feet like me.

 photo k_swiss_63680_2_zps9394c01f.jpgComfy SeamFree Tech

The shoe has a mid foot guiding system, which promotes a mid foot to forefoot strike. That maybe the reason why this shoe worked for me. As a flat footed runner, the midfoot guiding system, also provided a little bit of stability.

So is this shoe for you? We will leave that up for you to decide.  If you’re on the heavy side of the spectrum, you’ll love this shoe as it offers great cushioning. If you’re looking for a training shoe that’s comfortable and offers great mileage, then look no further.

We’ve been running with the Blade Light Run II’s for a couple of 10k training sessions now and it works just fine for us. Just don’t expect us to use them for racing.

 photo bladesII_run_techwithKSshield_zps450d319e.jpg



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