Tri Manila 2014 | Survival Guide | F.A.Q.S

Get ready nation! Less than 24 hours before the start of Tri Manila 2014!  Read on below for the official survival guide and answers to frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s) is a proud organizing partner of Tri Manila 2014.

1. Race Kits Claiming,

Race registration will open at 3:30am. It is adviced that you come early so you can get your race packets early and rack your bike in peace.

2. What will my race kit contain?


Your race packets will contain a Tri Manila swimming cap, your race number, 2 bike stickers, and 1 helmet sticker.

3. I don’t want to use the pin to attach my race number.

SLS3 Race Belts will be available at the registration area. So bring money :)

4. I don’t have a helmet. Can I still race? 

No. You will not be allowed to race.

5. Can I race using an mp3 player/headphone? 

No. You are not allowed to bike or run using a portable music device.

6. Where will I get my timing chip and where will the body marking area be?

There will be a table beside the registration area where you can claim your race kit. After claiming your kit, head on to one of our marshals for body marking.

7. How will I go to the venue and where will I park?

All participants can park along the center island division of Adriatico Street between Harrison Plaza / SM Hypermart and Rizal Memorial Stadium.

All participants should enter Rizal via the Track and Field Gate along Adriatico St. The main entrance of Rizal will be closed.

Red line is the parking strip and entrance to Rizal

 photo parking_zps918aaadf.png

For more info visit :

8. Where can I see the start list and the race schedule?

Start list, race schedule, and race info =

Do note that the participants will be sent in waves. Even if you’ll start late, you should rack your bike before 6am. After 6am, the transition area will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter anymore except checked in participants.

9. My friend, who is the official participant, won’t be able to attend, can I use his race packet and race under his name?

No you cannot. The race packets are non-transferable. In compliance with the other race organizers, all participants who will swap or give their race kits to another person will receive a 3 year ban from all races. That is for both the participant and the non-participant.

10. How will we go back to Rizal after the race and how can our friends go to Roxas to watch the finish?

After the race, you have different options that you can use to go back to Rizal.

a) Service : The MPD will be providing 2 trucks that will go back and forth to Rizal and Roxas. Each truck can fit as much as 30 people each. Although you’ll have to fall in line to wait.

b) Walk back : Enjoy the scenic view of Manila Bay and have a short stroll going back to Rizal. The suggested route back is the reverse of how you got to the finish line. (via P. Ocampo)

c) Drive : If you have a driver, you can ask you driver to park along Rajah Solaiman (in front of aristocrat). That is the best area to leave your car.

d) Checked in? : If you booked a hotel along Roxas boulevard, lucky you :) Enjoy the finish and have fun.

11. Can my friends come with me and watch the race?

Of course! The Rizal pool has a huge bleacher area for all the participants and their guests. After your swim, they can head back to Roxas. But must be aware that some of the roads will be totally closed. Please refer to the map and mmda announcement.

12. Will there be food?

Yup! Food will be served to all participants after the race.

That’s it! Good luck to everyone!



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