Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Launches The Jomac Boodle! | The ‘Original’ with Boodle Feasts! #ExtremeBonding #NationalBoodleDay

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island (BSI), the group that created and brought you the original Boodle Feast, celebrated its 10 Years of Extreme Seafood Bonding last September 16, 2014! With it, is the launching of the Jomac Boodle. Something we here at is proud to support!

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Seafood Island launched Batang Tri Grassroots Program as a tie up with Coach Jojo Macalintal. The Batang Tri Grassroots program and Jojo Macalintal or more known as Coach Jomac has a vision to make triathlon not only known to the elite but to instill the sport to everyone. With his humble beginnings, Coach Jomac’s accomplishments and experiences can help these children through his training program as a way of giving back to the community.

Anyone can help the program by purchasing a Jomac Boodle for P1,450 where P300 will be given to young aspiring triathletes to achieve their dream. Proceeds that will be collected from Jomac Boodle will be used to raise funds to purchase 100 road bikes and provide grants in terms of equipment, clothing, race fees, accommodation, food, training, and travel needs of these children!

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island has innovated the Filipino casual grill dining experience by bringing to the market the first and the original ‘Boodle Feasts’.

The Seafood Island Boodle Feast is first of its kind, creatively re-inventing the way ‘Filipino food bundles for groups’ are created and presented – a trend adapted by most of the other Filipino grill concepts soon thereafter.

BSI Boodle feasts provide customers with a wide array of their Island-Inspired Filipino dishes in a food setting that is perfect for sharing and promotes a literal “bonding” experience – families and friends sharing island-inspired seafood, eating directly from the same big – banana leaf lined boodle tray, where celebratory food is uniquely laid out – where eating with one’s hands is encouraged.

Seafood Bonding Extreme! – Seafood Island offers the best seafood dining experience!

Whether in developing its menu or styling its store design, BSI always tries to stay true to its core values of Seafood, Sarap, Saya!

BSI offers Live Seafood choices through Paluto – BSI dishes are made from the freshest catch of the day (live fish, crabs) ensuring excellence in taste and quality. Aside from this, one of the things to look forward to in dining at our branches is its great selection of Crab dishes that will surely satisfy your craving. To name a few, crab items include Szechuan crab, Thai Chili crab, Crab Maritess and many more.

Diners sense the cool positive vibes as they are ushered into Seafood Island’s hip interiors with a relaxed, fun-loving – north shore surfing feel.

You’ve never really ‘Bonded’ until you’ve celebrated with a BSI Boodle Feast! – A get-together with a Boodle Feast is sure to be a most memorable celebration – the kind that makes for ‘photo moments’ and ‘FB Posts’!

In line with Seafood Island’s rapid expansion across the Philippines with 28 branches and counting which makes it a Seafood Island nation, it also opened doors to new restaurant concepts under the group that includes Bikers’ Café, Bone and Barrel Bistro and soon to be opened Chopsuey. Bikers’ Café is catered to a market that prefers balanced healthy lifestyle that offers bike parking and shower. Bone and Barrel Bistro is a cowboy inspired concept that banks on steak and shank redemption, which offer a variety of tapa, steaks, bulalo and flavored beers. Finally, Chopsuey will offer Filipino-Chinese style comfort food.

The group also launched its triathlon team under the group of committed athletes of TEAM E.S.C. (EVERY SECOND COUNTS) and TriMonkeys in 2014. Team Blackbeard’s Seafood Island-E.S.C is an amateur triathlon team officially formed in 2012 composed of businessmen and executives. The team presently has 16 athletes who will be racing under Team Seafood Island E.S.C. To add to the current roster of Seafood Island’s ambassadors is Ariana Dormitorio a mountain bike champion and future Olympiad. Another addition to the family is Coach Jojo ‘Jomac’ Macalintal as the honorary coach of Team ESC and a certified ITU coach.

To be significant with the community, the 10th year of Seafood Island marks its effort to give back to the community.

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