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2015 Challenge Camsur | Race Results and Review

Camsur is back! After a 3 year hiatus from hosting a major triathlon event, Challenge Camsur is back on the map and wrapped up its inaugural comeback. Dubbed as “hot and spicy”, the 2015 Challenge Camsur definitely lived up to its billing. The weather was scorching hot that even with the pancake “flat and fast” course, the race still proved to be a major challenge.

Brad Kahlefeldt was the first to cross the finish line as he finished in 3:56:33. Mike Phillips and Mitchell Kibby came in second and third with a 3:57:35 and a 4:13:25 finish times, respectively. Simone Braedli dominated the race from start to finish as she cruised to the finish line in 4:17:42. Separated by only 2 minutes, Radka Vodickova finished in 4:30:05 while Jessica Fleming came in third in 4:32:57.

Camsur’s own Benjamin Rana was declared champion of the Filipino Elite category with a time of 4:35:45. Robinson Estevez pushed hard but ran out of steam and finished just a minute behind the champion, coming in at 4:36:48. Billy Biag wrapped up the men’s Filipino Elite category with a time of 4:39.21.

Fatigue might have set in for LC Langit as she got outclassed by Lezette Albarote who finished first in the women’s division of the Filipino Elite category in 5:25:24. Langit, who just finished (and won) a race 1 week prior, came in second with a time of 5:53:32.

As expected, heavy favorite August Benedicto wins the South East Asian Elite Men’s category with a blazing fast time of 4:33:27. Brian Borling finished second in 5:08:50 while Christopher Rodriguez finished in 6:24:12.

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers and see you next year!


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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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