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Marathoner Has Limited Time To Train | Ask The Coach

Coach Ani de Leon
  • Coach Ani de Leon is a Certified Level 2 Triathlon Coach by the International Triathlon Union and has completed coaching, camp requirements and attended coaching courses such as Endurance Performance Systems Camp in Melbourne, Australia under Tony Benson, Noosa Triathlon Camp in Sunshine Coast, Australia under Nick Croft, High Performance Training Camp in Goldcoast, Australia under Col Stewart, and the Timex Multisport Team Camp,
  • Coach Ani’s other significant highlights include : The first Filipina Ironman World Championships Qualifier and First Female Multisport Coach in the Philippines, Founder/Coach SuperTriKids Triathlon Youth Dev’t Program, Founder/ Coach of First All Womens Running Clinics (Pinay in Action) in the Philippines, Founding Member of First All Womens Cycling Team in the Philippines (Team Davids Salon), and lastly, perhaps the most important of all (for us at least!), she’s our first In[FOCUS] Athlete too!
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Neil is a newbie triathlete who already finished a marathon and a century distance bike ride. With limited time to train, he’s wondering how he can maximize training given he only has 3-4 days a week to train. Read on to know what Coach Ani De Leon-Brown​ has to say.

From Neil:

Hi Coach, I only have 3 or 4 days to train a week. How can I maximize these days to train? I am a late learner in swimming. In fact, I just learned late last year. I already finished a 42k run and a 100km bike. Thanks in advance and I hope I meet you and the rest of triathletes that I been following in instagram.

From Coach Ani:

Hi Neil! 

Not sure what kind of distance you are training for, but if you are training for a Standard Distance Race, 3 or 4 days should still be fine.

Your best bet is to do a lot of combo workouts to maximize a session. Another thing you can do is do more quality sessions during the week as opposed to a lot of comfortably-paced workouts. May I suggest something like this in a typical week?

Session 1: Interval Swim plus 30min Tempo or Hill Run

Session 2: 45-75min Interval Bike Trainer Session plus 30-45min Fartlek Run Off the Bike

Session 3: Long Bike plus Transition Run off

Session 4: Long Run plus Easy Swim

All the best!

Coach Ani

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