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Aquathlon United 2015 | Race Results and Review

Congratulations to all the winners and finishers of Aquathlon United! Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the race in the comments section! is a proud media partner of Aquathlon United.

As with every Bike King event, the event was simple, fun, and very well organized. The event followed Bike King’s now standard wave start system wherein participants were corralled in a single file (numerical/per race number) and then released by groups of 5.

Raul Cuevas of Bike King briefed each wave as before they started the swim.

The participants then completed the required 500m swim and then proceeded to the track to complete the 12 loop / 5km run.

We loved the part where the participants were given 12 rubber bands that they will wear at the start of the 12 loop/5k run. If you’re out if bands, that means you completed the required # of loops already and can head straight for the finish line. We had a couple of comments saying that it would be easy to cheat the system and dispose 2-3 rubber bands per loop. But what they seem to forget is take each racer has his/her own timing chip that counts their time as well as the number of loops made. (You can see the timing strip on the track oval).   Yep, us Pinoy athletes are spoiled that way.

Congratulations to everyone! Don’t forget to sign up for all the remaining Bike King races for 2015!

See you at Cycling United (Oct 18), Duathlon United (Nov 8) and Tri United 4 (Nov. 22).

Details and online registration at


FINAL-LEG3-FUEGOOpenWater-START (Click link to download)



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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