Tom Esconde and Olivia Medina Wins the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016

Tom Esconde and Olivia Medina emerged as winners at the highly contested Century Tuna Superbods 2016 held on April 10, 2016 at the Palace Pool Club in Taguig.

It was no surprise when Olivia Medina (our pick!) was announced as one of the winners of the Century Tuna Superbods Nat10n 2016. The Fil-Ukrainian, in a tight battle, edged our Ambra Gutierrez and Princess “Chet” Abella who were winning most of the Special Awards being given out that night. But the shock of the night came when crowd favorite, Clint Bondat, wh0 was favored by many as the runaway winner, came up short and was bested by Tom Esconde. Ali Khatibi placed 3rd in the men’s awards.

The grand winners won Php 500,000 each, along with guaranteed endorsement contracts plus prizes from the sponsors.

“That the Century Tuna Superbods seach has reached its 10th year is but a reflection of our unwavering commitment towards promoting a lifestyle of health and fitness,” says Gren Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Foods, Inc. To those who don’t know, Greg is almost a triathlete and an Ironman finisher.

What was cool during the event was when the past and present Century Tuna endorsers came up on stage and lighted up the runway.

There was also a feature during the event where they featured common people who lost weight just by downloading (and following the programs inside!) the Century Tuna app. We haven’t explored it yet, but their results and dramatic weight loss certainly got our attention!


2016 Century Tuna Superbods Nat10n

Complete Results

1st runner up
Clint Bondad and Ambra Gutierrez

2nd runner up
Ali Khatibi and Chet Abella

Special Awards:

Beach Bodies:
Shawn Stansbury and Ambra Gutierrez
People’s Choice:
Gio Luz and Kaara Tan
Fittest Individual:
Clint Bondad and Ambra Gutierrez
Belo Beautiful Skin:
Clint Bondad and Chet Abella
Stylish Superbod of the Night:
Clint Bondad and Olivia Medina
Most Photogenic:
Tom Esconde and Natalia LaLonde
Runway Superbod of the Night:
Ameen Sardouk and Chet Abella
Superbods Challenge Winners:
Andrew Aurellano and Cassie Umali



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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