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Hassle-free Workout with the New Samsung Gear Fit2

Nowadays, fitness is not only becoming more and more popular, but it’s actually making a great impact on how people live their lives – like how they move, what they eat, etc. In fact, health buffs are starting to rely heavily on gadgets to monitor their fitness activities and progress when working out. For example, a smartphone can be used during a workout to track the number of reps you do once you’ve keyed them in or used as a music player to help keep you moving. But, as helpful as these gadgets have become, there still lies a problem. Carrying a smartphone as you work out literally weighs you down, and ultimately, this affects the way you move. It becomes such a hassle to get a handful of information and see results in real time with such bulky devices connected to you. And although these things bother a lot of fitness buffs, they still make use of their smartphones during their workout, because that is what’s available.

Take runners, for example: it’s pretty difficult to use your smartphone to check your running route, your speed, or how far you are from beating your personal record. You are at risk of tripping or bumping into someone else on the street when you’re constantly going through so many menus on your smartphone just to check out your stats.

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Imagine what it would be like to not have to lug around your smartphone, which actually weighs you down and hinders you from unleashing yourself to reach your full potential. Enter the new Samsung Gear Fit2: a lightweight GPS sports band that gives advanced fitness tracking to help you outdo your last.

With a few swipes, the standalone GPS is capable of tracking your distance, route, pace, calories burned, etc. more accurately, without needing your smartphone with you. What’s great about the new Samsung Gear Fit2 is its ability to give you more functionality that would ultimately help push you to workout harder. Knowing that everyone has a competitive side, when it comes to fitness, there’s no better motivator than your peers. So, Samsung Gear Fit2’s social fitness challenge feature becomes pretty handy for peer motivation and fun.

And – what if – while you’re out on a run, it suddenly rains? Surely you’ll need to make a full stop and run to the nearest shelter, unless you don’t mind letting your smartphone get wet. The new Samsung Gear Fit2 has a solution for that, too! The GPS sports band has an IP68 rating – meaning it’s both dust and water-resistant – making it the perfect fitness companion for those who love to go running despite rainy weather conditions or hiking in the mountains.

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Let’s talk about the other reason why we bring our smartphones around during workout sessions – we need those carefully crafted playlists to keep us pumped up and motivated. The new Samsung Gear Fit2 can provide the soundtrack to your workout. Whether you’re running, doing yoga, Pilates or even if you’re just biking around the metro, you don’t need that smartphone around to listen to your favorite tunes. All you need to do is to connect your Bluetooth earphones to your new Samsung Gear Fit2. With its 4GB memory, it’s able to store up to 500 songs, which becomes a much more effective way to keep yourself motivated, thanks to its standalone music player.

The new Samsung Gear Fit2 is really the perfect companion for all fitness animals today. It has all the features you would need to push yourself and achieve your fitness goals. Imagine doing different workout routines in one session. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you had a device that would automatically track the activities you engage in? The new Samsung Gear Fit2 is capable of doing so. With its Auto-Activity Tracking feature, you’re able to track what you are doing – whether it be walking, running, cycling, training with a rowing machine or elliptical trainer, and monitor your results.

It’s truly amazing what you can do when you’re not connected to a smartphone. And with the new Samsung Gear Fit2, you set yourself free from the things that weigh you down by keeping with you only the essential things you need – no smartphones necessary – when working out. This, ultimately, allows you to outdo your last and achieve your fitness goals by unleashing yourself.

For more information, visit or go to a Samsung Experience Store near you.

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