Performance. It’s The Name of the Game!

So after training, we and a bunch of triathlon beginners had a discussion about the best triathlon / cycling video they’ve ever seen. The epic sprints of Javier Gomez vs Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee (pick one!) instantly came up. Ours? We just said, “PERFORMANCE”.

Dumbfounded, they instantly asked if we were talking about the latest training regimen or the latest gadget.

Nope, we said. This was the cycling video uploaded around 2009.

The title of the video is PERFORMANCE by Robin Moore. Watch it and we’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. :)

Hey, if it was shared by Lance Armstrong, it should be good right?




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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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