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Active Post Race Recovery Run / By Coach Jojo Macalintal / W.O.W. Workout Of The Week

Conquered the 2017 Tri United Exceed Standard Distance? Here’s an active recovery run workout from Coach Jojo “Jomac” Macalintal of TriMac Coaching.

This basic run workout is designed to release lactic acid, maintain a flexibility / range of motion and maintain the power of stride.

Instead of doing an easy run all through out, do this for recovery!

20 Minutes Easy Run

10 x 10 seconds at race pace.
1 minute jog in between (objective) .

W.O.W. / Workout of the Week
A series of weekly workouts from the best coaches in the country.



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Coach Jojo Macalintal

Coach Jojo "Jomac" Macalintal is the founder and head coach of TriMac Coaching.

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