TransitionOne Amphibrun Race 2017 | October 15, 2017

Go find a team mate now and free your schedules for the most challenging and exciting swim-run race at the TransitionOne Amphibrun Race 2017 organized by BTR!

Form a team of 2 – either all male, all female or mixed and swim-run it together to the finish line. The race consists of a 1.5Km Trail Run – 1.5Km Openwater Swim – 12Km Trail Run.

Mandatory gear: Swim cap, swim goggles, whistle and swim vests.

Optional gear: Swim paddle, swim fins and pullbouy

Team members should bring all their gears from the start line up to the finish line. The team who fails to do so will be automatically disqualified.



Early bird rate: Sept. 1 – Sept. 17
P3500 per team

Regular rate: Sept. 18 – Oct. 2
P4000 per team

Registration is now available at :


Finisher Medal, Finisher Shirt, Finisher Towel, Bib Vest and Post Race Meal

Prepare now and enjoy later! Be tide and trail ready!



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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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