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What off-season? Go all out as The Tri Temple (T3) and presents the inaugural INDOORMAN 2018! A fun indoor time trial competition open to athletes of all ages!


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November 19 – December 15, 2018
20km Bike – 3.5km Run
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From November 19 to December 15, 2018, all roads lead to The Tri Temple for the inaugural INDOORMAN 2018! This event is a fun collaboration between T3 and designed to test the limits of every athlete and as they complete the 20km bike and 3.5km challenge … indoors!


  • Male Open (no age groups): Gift bags for top 3
  • Female Open (no age groups): Gift bags for top 3
  • Fastest Team (at least 6 members to qualify): Gift bags for top team (1 only) + Yellow Podium Shirt for each member.



PHP 1,500.00 per participant or P7,500.00 for a team/group registration of 6 pax (5 + 1)


2 race sessions (maximum 2 hours per participant)
1 training shirt (to be given post-event)
Hydration (c/o Lightwater and Vitamin Boost)
Energy gels (c/o Hammer Nutrition)
Refreshments (c/o Musli and Nescafe Dolce Gusto)
20 minute recovery boot session c/o Pulse Recovery
Entry in raffle for training items

Plus discounts to goodies and a whole lot more!


1. INDOORMAN will run from November 19, 2018 (Monday) to December 15, 2018 (Saturday) only. Maximum of 10 slots daily (2 athletes at a time per 2-hour slot)

2. Eligibility. Athletes must be at least 15 years old in order to join the event. Participants below 18 years old of age are required to secure parental consent.

3. Online Registration. Registration for the event will be online only through Google Forms. Participants can register and join up to the last day of the event but time slots are subject to availability

4. Venue. Participants must ride and run in the T3 Powerlab in order to participate in the event and for their results to count.

5. Participants are entitled to two (2) attempts to establish their personal best time. Each participant’s fastest OVERALL TIME (bike and run splits plus transition time) will count towards their overall time. Bike and run splits may not be separated to establish a best time. Bike and run PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE TWO (2) ATTEMPTS TO ESTABLISH THEIR PERSONAL BEST . EACH PARTICIPANT’S FASTEST OVERALL TIME (BIKE + RUN SPLITS) WILL BE COUNTED. BIKE AND RUN SPLITS MAY NOT BE SEPARATED TO ESTABLISH A PERSONAL BEST TIME. BIKE AND RUN LEG MUST BE COMPLETED IN THE SAME SESSION IN ORDER FOR TIME TO COUNT. TRANSITION TIME TO BE INCLUDED IN TOTAL TIME (Transition time to be limited to 5 minutes maximum).

Session 1 Bike: 1 h 20 m, Run 22 m. TOTAL TIME 1 h 42 m
Session 2 Bike: 1 h 21 m, Run 19 m. TOTAL TIME 1 h 40 m

PERSONAL BEST: Session 2 (1h 40m)

6. During the duration of the event, each participant will be allowed to purchase one (1) reload for P500.00 only. A reload is an additional session that a participant can use to attempt to reclaim a lost podium position or ranking.

7. All sessions, including reloads, must be performed within the competition period only. No exceptions shall be made. It is a participant’s responsibility to use all allocated sessions within the competition period. If he or she fails to use all sessions within the competition period, unused sessions are forteited and non-refundable.

8. Participants must provide their own bike and equipment (cycling shoes, kit, running shoes). Digital devices such as GPS watches, heart rate monitors, foot pods and power meters are permitted but not required.

9. Entries are non-refundable and non-transferrable. NO PROXY RIDERS OR RUNNERS. NO TRANSFER OF ENTRY ALLOWED.

10. Team name/affiliation must be declared upon registration in order to count for Fastest Team Award.

2. Fastest 6 individuals from the same team will count towards Fastest Team Award.





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