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Mulebar Energy Gel | Gear Review

Kicks Like A Mule!

Tastes Great!Price Point
Great Packaging With Resealable Cap
All Natural
Vegan Friendly

We got lucky to be one of the first in the country test Mulebar’s all-natural energy gel.

Priced at PHP160 per tube, these vegan-friendly energy gels are priced on the high range compared to other gels. But, what we immediately loved, was its toothpaste like packaging which comes in a resealable cap. Not only do you now have the option to take in what you need, but you can now also reduce your carbon footprint by refilling them once it’s empty. This is a big plus since there’s nothing we hate more than seeing empty gel packets discarded by cyclists on the road!


Mulebar comes and is available in five different flavours (Gel description from the Mulebar website).


Full of anti-oxidant, this gel is perfect to start a race as Cherry bomb does.


Very fresh thanks to lemon and ginger, it will be a real kick thanks to its 50mg of natural caffeine coming from Guarana. We recommend to use it when times start to become harder.


Cherry Bomb is full of anti-oxidant. We recommend to use this gel at the beginning of races.


By far the strongest gel of our line up and of the market with 100mg of natural caffeine coming from coffee. It’s amazingly efficient to finish a race or if you need to run/bike overnight.


We tested Mulebar’s Salted Caramel flavor and at first sip, we had to get used to its taste and texture. But that where the fun begins.

The gel texture is on the watery side, making it easy to take in without the urgent need to water it down. That is crucial especially when you’re on the bike and need to refuel and you’re out of water already. Also, since it’s made with natural ingredients, the main sweeteners used are syrups from rice, malted barley or agave.

The more we sip, the more we loved it. There’s something unique addicting about it. Could it be the delayed gratification caused by the resealable cap? Maybe. But we think it’s more on the sustained energy that the gel provides as you go along your session. Since you can pace your intake (which is tricky with the usual gel sachets), you can avoid the risk of getting a sudden hit only to crash hard after the hit wears out.


Every Mulebar packet can be refilled by buying Mulebar’s Refill Bottle (PHP 1,500) which is enough to refill empty tubes up to 12 times. You also have the option to dilute them in water if you wish to carry more and have the option to refuel using your water bottle.


There’s absolutely no reason why Mulebar shouldn’t be a hit. Give it a try! It’s good!



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