Top Reasons Why You Should (Only!) Date A Triathlete

Kaway kaway sa mga na picbait :)

Valentines is just around the corner! And there’s nothing we want more than to share the love to all of you! So we compiled our top reasons why you should ONLY date a triathlete!

Finding the perfect match for some is hard. If you’re still finding it hard to find the right one, here’s a list of compelling reasons why your ONLY choice should be a triathlete.

  1. You never have to worry about your sunburn or tanlines.
    Mas marami kami :). We consider those as battlescars and sexy!
  2. Eat all you want during dates.
    Ever heard of the term.. carbo load? You’re in for a treat especially if you get lucky and go out on a date with a triathlete on their post race recovery week! Lamon galore!
  3. No need to wear make up or get dolled up.
    Trust us, we’ve seen it all. There’s no better carnage than being in the post race recovery tent and seeing all the athletes absolutely smashed. Also, have you seen how we look like after our long rides? We’re so used to seeing sweaty, smelly and dirty people. Chances are, they will probably like you more that way in the first place!
  4. You’ll become a triathlete too. (If you aren’t one already)
    You know what they say about how to find a triathlete in the room. Don’t worry, they’ll tell you! If you go out on a date with us, there’s a good chance we’ll invite you to swim, bike or run too or join a newbie race. Like the newbie friendly Tri Series 2019! *plug*
  5. No chicken legs here.
    Try going to the gym and you’ll see a lot people focusing on their chest, biceps, and shoulder muscles (guys especially!). Want some tight thighs and nice bums? Look no further.
  6. You get your own instant travel buddy.
    Just a warning because there’s a big chance that your triathlete s.o. might be a kill joy if they have a race that weekend. But you can be sure that while they are killing themselves on the race course, you have the best sights and venue available for you to enjoy. Just don’t forget to cheer every time you see them or cross the line.
  7. Triathletes are mostly good people.
    Triathletes are, by and large, are some of the most intelligent, caring and patient people on earth. These athletes can ride for up to 6 hours + on the road and the same amount on a bike trainer! Stuck in traffic? No biggie. Of course, there are bad apples, but isn’t it nice to at least be looking in the jewelry store?
  8. They love massages.
    We’ve yet to encounter a triathlete who doesn’t love massages. What’s better is that we take recovery to another level! Ever heard of recovery boots??
  9. Never worry again about what to buy as gifts.
    Once you start dating a triathlete, you’ll never worry about what to get for them on their birthdays and other special occasions. As long as it’s made of carbon, makes their bikes weigh less, or makes them go faster, you are assured of the biggest smile every time they open their gifts.
  10. C.I.A. investigations made easy.
    Worried that your triathlete might be going astray? Look no further. Just pop their strava account and get access to C.I.A. level cyber surveillance. “If it’s not on strava, it didn’t happen!”
  11. Triathlon = Sex God
    An IRONMAN race lasts for 17 hours…. 17 hours… let that sink it. We’re not even warmed up yet after 3 minutes. *wink*
  12. Triathletes don’t give up.
    It takes a lot of commitment for someone to swim, bike and run. We also ride in the rain and run in the heat. Not to mention committing to finishing a race when it starts getting tough. Don’t you want that type of commitment in a relationship? :)
  13. This is an on-going list!
    Got more suggestions? Send us an email at [email protected] or DM us on our social media pages with your suggestions as to why triathletes are awesome!




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