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SPOTTED | Mizuno Enerzy Concept Shoe

So we’ve been eyeing Mizuno’s crazy concept shoe called Enerzy which promises to give the ultimate bounce and make you say WOW with every step.

Move over, Boost! At first glance, it looks like the adidas cushy soles but only soaked in water which caused it to expand and form bubbles. From the website, it says:

“MIZUNO ENERZY is our new technology created to deliver a higher than ever energy return and softness. It is a testament of our drive to improve the performance of athletes around the world whilst providing an overall more comfortable feeling.”

Think the soles looks crazy from the side? Take a look at it from the bottom.

It says that the foam is a mid-sole material that delivers excellent softness and rebounds next to being very durable. How durable is it? That is what we need to find out. But we can already see ourselves skidding the sides all over the place. Plus it looks slippery.

The thing that holds it all together is MIZUNO ENERZY CORE which promises to deliver the highest benefits of this technology, being our softest and most bouncy material ever created. It is 293% softer and provides 56% more energy return than previously used mid-sole materials.

How much? We checked the shoe from the Mizuno website and it retails for USD 300 / PHP14,934.92

Information from : Mizuno USA



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