Elevate Hand Washing With Dr. Coco Natural Hand Soap

Nowadays, you simply cannot go by in a day without washing your hands. That’s why you need to make sure  the hand soap you’re using is strong enough to protect you unwanted bacteria, viruses (yes, even including coronaviruses!), yet delicate enough to take care of your skin. DR. COCO makes sure you get all that and so much more.

Fun fact, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that we’ve been using Dr. Coco in our household way before this launch!

DR. COCO Natural Hand Soap is the newest and the first and only hand soap that is 100% Nature-Derived in the Philippines. The best part? It has solid clinical proof of its anti-bacterial and anti-viral efficacy and everything is sourced and made locally! That means one can be assured that DR. COCO does not contain harsh, synthetic, or crude-oil derived ingredients commonly found in hand soaps today.

During its virtual press launch, Ms. Star Estacio, General Manager for Food and Personal Care BU, Consumer Care Products Inc., the proud team behind DR. COCO Natural Hand Soap, explains the motivation behind this new product.

“We wanted to create a hand soap that is designed for the times,” says Star. “At the rate we are washing our hands in this new normal, consumers deserve a hand soap that will not only effectively cleanse, but at the same time, nourish hands using natural ingredients. We have made handwashing better than ever by creating a soap that has multiple benefits that go way beyond just keeping your hands clean, DR.COCO.”

When it comes to fighting unwanted germs, DR. COCO not just removes, but kills unwanted bacteria, viruses (yes, even including coronaviruses!), and give you a clinically-proven 99.99% cleansing ability using nothing but natural ingredients.

DR. COCO is not kidding with its “natural” to heart claim. Compared to other products that claim to be natural but only contain up to 50% natural ingredients, over 90% of DR.COCO’s ingredients are derived from one of the healthiest natural products from the Philippines: the coconut. The balance ingredients are made of other premium natural materials.

Furthermore, DR.COCO is the first and only hand soap in the market made with CocoMCT ® (medium chain triglycerides) the most essential component of coconut oil. Not only does CocoMCT® act as a natural moisturizer, it also has proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. CocoMCT® is compatible with the natural lipids found in the hands, allowing it to easily go beneath the skin’s surface, and continuously pamper the skin even with repeated use. In the end, instead of a squeaky clean sensation after wash that one normally gets, DR.COCO leaves a noticeable luxurious after feel.

DR. COCO clearly exhibits the best of Philippine Ingenuity that is worthy of the global stage. That is why it is only befitting to choose Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach as its global brand ambassador. “DR. COCO is one of my best discoveries. I have been an avid user ever since I opened my first bottle. The moment you dispense the product on your hands, you will really notice the difference. It’s like applying lotion while you wash.

Plus, the scents pang world-class talaga! It’s also the first time I’ve heard of a product that continues to protect from 99% of bacteria for up to 4 hours after hand washing.,” says Wurtzbach. Pia expressed great excitement over the product and believes it can have a positive impact on the daily lives of Filipinos. “In my heart, I always knew that we Filipinos are capable of producing excellent products but to actually experience one makes me beam with pride. DR. COCO goes the extra mile. It provides extra cleansing, extra protection, extra care, and is extra natural. I am proud to represent a proudly Filipino-made product of this quality. Magaling talaga tayong mga Pinoy.”

DR.COCO is available to order online from both Shopee and Lazada. For more information about the product, check their official website: One can also follow DR.COCO’s official social media accounts: on Facebook, and @DrCOCO on Instagram. It is also now available in your favorite retail stores like
Mercury Drug, Watsons, Landmark, South Supermarket, and Unimart.

For add to cart’natics! Check out the lazada and shopee link below!



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