PRURide Philippines 2023: A Celebration of Life on Two Wheels

In a triumphant return after a three-year hiatus, PRURide Philippines roared back to life, attracting more than 4,000 enthusiastic cyclists and families at Clark Global City, Pampanga. This year’s PRURide holds special significance as it commemorates Prudential’s 175th anniversary, including a century of serving Asia.

Eng Teng Wong, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pru Life UK, expressed his delight, stating, “PRURide Philippines 2023 is a celebration of life, uniting Filipino families on a remarkable journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. We feel blessed to be back on the road, pedaling alongside thousands of cyclists and families, all committed to improving their health and wellness.”

A Magnificent Transformation: PRURide Philippines Reimagined

As the largest cycling festival in the country, PRURide Philippines has undergone a spectacular transformation, promising an even grander and more exhilarating experience this year. Thousands of participants and families have flocked to be a part of this cycling extravaganza.

Notable advocates such as Gretchen Ho, Kim Atienza, and Zoren Legaspi enthusiastically embraced the challenge of the 100KM Gran Fondo category, relishing the route that showcased the breathtaking New Clark City Bridge. Joining them were esteemed cycling content creators, including Ger Victor, Darlings Levi & Sara, Jeno Cuenco, and Ian Austria, along with Pru Life UK’s health champions Teri Rombaoa, Miguel and Mary Reyes, Montini De Guzman, and Aless Castañeda.

The event’s inclusivity spirit shone through, offering fun and friendly courses suitable for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The Family Fun Ride and PRURide Milo Kids Cup captivated participants, becoming instant favorites among the attendees.

A Digital Delight: The Virtual PRURide Winners and Festivities

In the exhilarating Virtual PRURide competition, professional and amateur cyclists had the opportunity to partake in the fun and excitement of biking without leaving the comforts of their home. Grand winners in the digital race were awarded cash prizes of PHP 3,000, PHP 5,000, and PHP 10,000, offering a thrilling experience while ensuring safety and convenience.

The event’s festivities were further elevated with a range of engaging activities and generous giveaways, while the crowd was treated to a captivating live concert by popular OPM band Sponge Cola.

Pru Life UK’s Spectacular Gesture: An Unforgettable Trip to London

To make this celebration even more extraordinary, Pru Life UK presented one fortunate eligible customer and three of their family members with an all-expense-paid trip to the vibrant city of London. This exceptional gesture underscores Pru Life UK’s commitment to providing memorable experiences and further solidifies their dedication to their customers.

Promoting Health and Wellness: PRURide’s Commitment

PRURide Philippines is not merely a cycling event but a powerful platform for promoting health and wellness among individuals, families, and communities. Since its inception in 2016, this event has attracted thousands of amateur and seasoned cyclists, including some of the Philippines’ most formidable and competitive athletes.

Eng Teng Wong emphasized the event’s broader mission, stating, “PRURide Philippines has always transcended the boundaries of a typical cycling event. It serves as a testament to our ongoing advocacy for health and wellness, encompassing not only individuals but also their families and communities.”

The Closing Chapter: A Philanthropic Gesture in Cebu

As a fitting finale to PRURide Philippines 2023 and in honor of Prudential’s 175th anniversary celebration, Pru Life UK is dedicated to giving back to the community. In partnership with JCI Zugbuanas, Pru Life UK will donate 175 bikes to the community in Cebu, spreading the joy of cycling and promoting active lifestyles among the locals.

The excitement doesn’t end there! The second leg of PRURide Philippines 2023 awaits on May 28 at CCLEX Food Park in Cebu. Registration remains open until May 24, offering cycling enthusiasts and families another opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event. For detailed information and registration, visit

PRURide Philippines 2023 has truly surpassed all expectations, making a resounding comeback that will be etched in the memories of cyclists and families for years to come. It has ignited a health revolution, fostering a community of individuals dedicated to embracing an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Join the movement, pedal your way to a healthier future, and be a part of the PRURide Philippines experience. Together, let’s celebrate life, wellness, and the joy of cycling as we continue on this exhilarating journey towards a better, brighter tomorrow.


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