The 4th Annual Awards

Welcome to the 4th Annual Awards! The biggest races, the strongest athletes, even your favorite triathlon gear (a new category!), it’s time to recognize all those who helped shape our multisport landscape!



We’re giving YOU, our fans and readers, the power to nominate and vote for your favorite athlete, team, race, and triathlon gear! Take a look at the categories!

4th Annual Awards Categories :

  1. Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Local)
  2. Women’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Local)
  3. Men’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Foreign)
  4. Women’s Elite Triathlete of the Year (Foreign)
  5. Men’s Duathlete of the Year
  6. Women’s Duathlete of the Year
  7. Men’s Age Group Triathlete of the Year
  8. Women’s Age Group Triathlete of the Year
  9. Men’s Rookie of the Year
  10. Women’s Rookie of the Year
  11. Male Youth Triathlete of the Year (Kids)
  12. Female Youth Triathlete of the Year (Kids)
  13. Coach of the Year
  14. Team of the Year
  15. Race of the Year (over 600)
  16. Race of the Year (below 600)
  17. Bike of the Year
  18. Tri Gear of the Year
  19. Running Shoe of the Year
  20. Forum Poster of the Year

The official hashtag of the event is #sbrawards2014


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Nomination Notes and Procedures :

To nominate, a special page will be launched on where all the 20 categories will be listed. You simply just have to enter your nominee next to the relevant award. It’s as simple as that.


  • For the Filipino Elite = If the athlete has competed in the elite division (in any season), he/she will be considered as an elite.
  • For the Rookie of the Year = First triathlon completed must be within the 2014 season. If the athlete has yet to complete a triathlon, he/she is not eligible for the award.
  • For the Forum Poster of the Year = Please input the FORUM NAME of the nominee. If you know the full name of the nominee, kindly write it down as well.
  • For the Race of the Year = The Race of the Year has two categories. The big (>600 participants) and small (<600 participants) category. Series race names will not be accepted. You must vote for a PARTICULAR race. (eg : Tri United 1, etc)
  • For the Tri Gear of the Year = From the latest tech gadget, sweatband, or even a shoelace! As long as it’s a triathlon accessory, it’s in!

Voting Procedures :

Voting is now closed.

  • After the nominations, the top 5 nominees with the most number of nominations will be announced.
  • Another round of voting will take place.
  • Nominee with the most number of votes win.
  • All votes will be monitored and you shall only be allowed to vote once.



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