Kwentong Tri Series #8 | Michael Manago

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Meet Michael Manago, a man who defied the odds and silenced doubters. Despite enduring hurtful words from ‘friends’ who mocked his dreams, he transformed himself over 8 years, shedding 100 pounds and getting in triathlon shape in 7 months.

Ang taba taba mo! Buong buhay mo baboy ka na! Di ka na magiiba! Ang chaka mo! Basura! Baboy!
Just some of the words I used to hear from my ‘friends’ who kept on talking trash to me and laughed at my dreams. All of which fueled me to get better. I don’t understand how a person thinks they need to take someone’s fire out thinking it’ll make theirs shine brighter.

Fast forward today.
8 years to lose 100lbs.
7 months to get in triathlon shape.
9 years of sharpening the tool, every single fcking day.

The tool? A once fat, poor, ‘basura!’ boy who decided to get stronger mentally, physically and financially (syempre kasama Yan!)

See, It’s hard to take down a man with laser like focus, ravenous satiety for success, undying motivation and relentless hunger who wishes nothing but goodness for others. Who doesn’t compete with anyone else except himself and wishes for everyone to make it. Who you will never hear bringing other ‘friends’ down, only to support them when asked. These kind of men, become dangerous men.

4th in my age group.
1 min away from third,
2min away from 2nd,
10min away from 1st.
1st triathlon race.

Yet considers himself still a winner. No excuses, when rent is due, we pay.

Sooo.. to you, yes; YOU! You reading this, grindin it day in and day out, keep on keeping on, Champ! Don’t mind the white noise, Champ! You’ll get what you deserve, the same people that are trying to mess you up and bring you down will be the same people who will ask for favors from you in the future.. and when that time comes, keep on winning, Champ! It feels good.

Thank you to my coaches, who were once strangers but now share my dream. Our dream.

The same guys who said those hurtful words are either broke, or fat, or still complains about the government, about their man tits and bulging gut or just complains about their lives. The dangerous men? We are getting in better shape, we are stacking cheese and making the lives of the people around us better. We keep on winning.

Be dangerous.


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A triathlete making a comeback and a true blue Scorpio. That sums it up quite nicely :)

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