Unlock Your Potential: ASICS Asia’s Women’s Retreat Breaks the Gender Exercise Gap

Empowering Women Through Movement: A Deep Dive into ASICS Asia's Trailblazing Retreat

ASICS Asia recently broke new ground with its inaugural Women’s Retreat at the stunning Hotel Labaris in Thailand. Nestled within the lush Khao Yai National Park, the retreat aimed to tackle the gender exercise gap head-on. It’s time to dive into this transformative four-day event that united women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the power of movement.

The Why: Addressing the Gender Exercise Gap

The retreat was born from the ASICS State of Mind Index 2022, which revealed a concerning trend: women are exercising less than men. This gap isn’t just about physical health; it’s a missed opportunity for women to experience the mental benefits that come with regular exercise. ASICS Asia took it upon themselves to address this issue, gathering a diverse group of over 30 participants for a program focused on the positive impact of movement.

The How: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

The event kicked off with an invigorating sunrise run, setting the tone for a weekend of physical and mental rejuvenation. Participants also delved into optimizing running performance in sync with the menstrual cycle, thanks to a book reading session co-hosted by ASICS Athlete Natalie Dau and Thai Actress Taya Rogers. Dynamic strength and core training sessions led by Jeong Yun Lim from Netflix’s hit show, Physical 100, added another layer to the event’s holistic approach.

More Than Just Exercise

But it wasn’t all sweat and sore muscles. The retreat also offered a journey of self-discovery through sound healing, meditation, and reflective journaling, led by Pearlyn Siew of Transmission Wellness.

A Word from the Experts

Fiona Berwick, Head of Global Communications at ASICS, emphasized the importance of understanding the barriers to exercise for women. “By listening to experiences and perspectives from around the globe, we aim to create a more equal and inclusive fitness landscape,” she said.

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