Rising Stars of Triathlon: Meet the New Philippine Developmental Team Members

Unveiling the Future Champions: A Closer Look at the Philippines' Top Young Triathletes

Triathlon in the Philippines continues to blossom as young athletes strive for excellence in this grueling sport, combining swimming, cycling, and running. Recently, a select group of youth and junior athletes stepped closer to their dreams, securing a spot in the next phase of the selection process for the prestigious Philippine Triathlon Developmental Team. This article highlights the achievements of these young talents and provides insights into the opportunities that await them.

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Selection Trials and Outstanding Performances

The journey to being shortlisted for the Triathlon Philippines Developmental Team began with a competitive tryout held on April 14, 2024, at the Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub, coupled with performances in the 2024 National Age Group Triathlon (NAGT). The athletes who excelled have now moved into the critical fourth phase of the selection process.

Intensive Training Camp

The fourth phase is set to be an intensive 4-day camp from May 9-12, 2024, at New Clark City. This camp serves not only as a training ground but also as a testing phase to gauge the readiness of these athletes for national and potentially international competitions.

List of Promising Young Athletes

Youth Female Categories

  • Triathlon:
    1. Eleora Avanzado
    2. Christy Ann Perez
  • Duathlon:
    1. Yvaine Osias

Youth Male Categories

  • Triathlon:
    1. Sancho del Rosario
    2. Arrow Ramos
    3. Diego Dimayuga
    4. Fabie Arellano
    5. Giro Gito
    6. Nigel Armada
    7. Miro Habana
  • Duathlon:
    1. James Bryant Jimeno
    2. Marcus Greddie Castillo

Junior Male Categories

  • Triathlon:
    1. Jose Mari Tayag
    2. Juan Miguel Tayag
  • Duathlon:
    1. Zak Gumaya
    2. Daniel Jorge Cadavos
    3. Andie Jimeno

Logistics and Camp Details

All selected athletes are required to attend the camp, where they will be housed in the Athletes Village inside New Clark City. The camp provides a comprehensive setup where the athletes will have free access to top-notch training facilities and will receive full boarding, ensuring they can focus entirely on their training.

Opportunities and Benefits

Being part of the Philippine Triathlon Developmental Team is not just about representing the country; it comes with a plethora of benefits aimed at nurturing and advancing athletes’ careers:

  1. Free Race Entries: Team members enjoy waived entry fees at all Triathlon Philippines’ organized races, encouraging them to gain more competitive experience.
  2. Official Team Gear: Athletes get the privilege to wear the official Philippine Developmental Team tri suit, symbolizing their status and role as ambassadors of the sport.
  3. Training and Development: Continuous opportunities for specialized camps and training programs are available, designed to enhance their skills and endurance.

A Call to Aspiring Athletes

For those who participated but didn’t make the cut this year, the journey doesn’t end. Aspiring triathletes are encouraged to keep training and preparing for the next tryout scheduled for January 2025. Persistence and dedication are key in sports as demanding as triathlon.


The Philippine Triathlon Developmental Team is not just forming a group of athletes but is nurturing future champions. The program’s comprehensive approach ensures that these young talents are equipped not only with physical training but also with the resilience and mental toughness required to excel in triathlon. The success of these athletes could inspire many young Filipinos to embrace the challenge of triathlon, knowing that there is a clear path to development and success laid out by such initiatives.



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