Our office is temporarily closed and all our staff are working virtually. All our landline and mobile is temporarily not in service as well. We are best reached via email at [email protected] or via our social media pages.

We are utilizing the ECQ/GCQ Order Mode to ensure the proper allocation of stocks and deliverability of the service area of the customer before an order is completed. Due to the high number of orders, please note that completion of an order upon checkout via ECQ/GCQ Payment Mode does not guarantee the availability of stocks regardless of the stock allocation indicated on the website. Kindly wait for a reply from us with regards to stock availability. We try our best to reply to each and every one of your orders / inquiries. In case of an unprocessed order, it is most likely that the product is out of stock. We recommend checking with other partner bike and sports shops.

We apologize for this extra step.

Once the stock availability and deliverability of the service area are verified on our end, you will receive an email containing the total along with our bank account where you can deposit your payment. The shipping fee will be added as well. We accept direct bank and mobile transfers.

Credit card payments are available with an added 6% service fee.

Because of this, please make sure prior to ordering that your shipping destination is inside a serviceable area. All shipping of orders now will also be shouldered by the buyers temporarily to ensure deliverability. Orders outside serviceable areas may have delivery times after the lifting of the lockdown measures placed during the NCR ECQ. SBR.ph Shop will not be responsible for the return of delivery from source location due to the refusal of checkpoint personnel to allow passage.


The schedule for delivery depends on the delivery queue at the distributor warehouse. It may or may not take a minimum of 7 working days to finish the releasing queue depending on the volume of orders.

To talk directly in real-time with one of our staff, message us via the SBR.ph Multisport Shop facebook page.

Thank you very much and we hope you have a hassle-free time!

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