AbsoluteBLACK Premium Oval Chainrings 50/34



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AbsoluteBLACK Premium Oval Chainrings 50/34

SIZE: 50/34T

FITS DA 9000, ULT 6800, 105 5800, TIAGRA 4700

DOES NOT FIT DA 9100, ULT 8000 or 105 7000



Absolute Black is a company that is undoubtedly at the forefront of the design and manufacture of oval chainrings. Their tireless research and development coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities have yielded some of the best oval rings, in terms of both performance and aesthetics, on the market today.

The musculature structure of human legs is such that maintaining even power on a round ring is extremely difficult, thus a round ring doesn’t transmit torque to the rear wheel as smoothly and effectively as an oval ring. Designed to function in better harmony with natural human physiology, oval chainrings work to minimize resistance in the “dead-spot” of the crank revolution where less power is produced while maximizing the part of the revolution where the most power is produced. This results in smoother power delivery to the rear wheel and improved ability to generate and maintain a constant cadence. Rear wheel traction is also improved as a result, most notably in mixed-terrain and off-road conditions. Another huge advantage is the reduction of “peak loads” on knee joints; less stress on the joints results in the ability for cyclists to ride at higher effort levels for longer, leading to higher average speeds. Oval rings also are effective in making climbs feel easier on the legs. After adjusting to oval rings, cyclists often feel their pedal stroke to be more “round” than it was with round rings.


One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb easier and faster (Patent Pending)
-Over 15% stiffer than competitor’s rings due to thicker, 5mm construction
-Bespoke Absolute Black 6 point ramp and recess shifting design shifts better than any other brand and model of oval chainring
-Finest design that provides excellent strength to weight ratio
-You will not “feel” the oval shape while pedaling
-Your pedaling action will feel smoother
-Helps reduce stress on knees and helping your legs remain fresher for longer
-You will be able to maintain better cadence while climbing
-Reduces possibility of leg cramps
-You will reduce chainring/cog shifts by at least 15%








Why choose Premium absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings

AbsoluteBLACK believe that using oval chainrings bring significant efficiency advantages to cyclists. Oval chainrings do not produce more power, they allow you to unleash your true potential. They achieve this by optimising the pedalling torque you generate, reducing your effort on the climbs and increasing your speed at the same time – so you can be faster and more efficient. Naturally, we’re obsessed with making the finest oval chainrings in the world. We do this by spending countless hours refining the design and detail of each product. Then we use the best possible materials and high-tech, state-of-the-art CNC milling machines to produce oval chainring perfection.

All AbsoluteBLACK chainrings are compatible with 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.

Our premium, Patent Pending Oval chainrings let you achieve higher average speed during the ride, reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps and reduce peak loads on your knees.


Six machined up-shift ramps on the backside of these rings help keep shifting relatively crisp and smooth.



COMBO 50T + 34T, 50T ONLY, 34T ONLY


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