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With the POWERBREATHER, breathing 100% fresh air suddenly becomes effortless. Settle in, focus on the rhythm of your swimming, and go the distance. No turning your head, no clearing your snorkel. It’s just you and the water for as long as you want to go.

AMEO Powerbreather Accessories









  • Fresh air: oxygen flows in the top & Co2 expels out the bottom
  • No gurgling: no water comes in the top vents, only air, due to Powerbreather innovative Membrane technology
  • Sport PB0100 not Intended for flip turns in pool or choppy open. See lap or wave editions
  • US at (Triathlon) legal (unless otherwise deemed by race director)
  • Open water swimming for freestyle, breast, butterfly and side stroke


The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the POWERBREATHER unique. Unlike conventional snorkels, you inhale and exhale through completely separate channels, ensuring that only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs. At the same time, the innovative valve technology prevents water from entering the POWERBREATHER. You can breathe as naturally in the water as you do on shore.


Inhale without fear of ever swallowing water. The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM completely separates inhalation (through both tubes) from exhalation (through the mouthpiece), so only fresh, oxygen-rich air enters your lungs. Innovative valves prevent water from breaking in and allow the natural humidity from inhaled air to automatically exit with every exhale, so you can breathe as naturally in the water as you do on shore.
Dry, even underwater
Inhaling deeply without the fear of swallowing – made possible with the POWERBREATHER due to its innovative valve technology and smart design. Together with specifically developed diffusors, that technology safely prevents water from entering the system. At the same time, the natural humidity of inhaled air as well as occasional water will be automatically transported out of the system when exhaling. That mechanism allows you to breath freely at any time.


The POWERBREATHER makes swimming easier and safer, makes training more efficient, and improves performance – all due to its innovative respiratory technology (AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM), its modular system which creates new opportunities for training and leisure activities, as well as its EASY FIT ergonomics.

One system, many opportunities for improving performance
The POWERBREATHER offers customized functionality. Due to its modular design, it can be accurately adjusted to any surrounding and personal training requirements. The new SPEED VENT easy ensures easy inhalation of 100% fresh air while at the same time preventing water from entering – perfect for snorkelers as well as leisure and recreational swimmers. Competitive swimmers, triathletes, competitive athletes of other sports, or free divers, for example, can use the SPEED VENT medium and SPEED VENT power for gradually improving training intensity. By varying the membranes installed in the SPEED VENTS medium and power, resistance and air volume can be modified when inhaling. That allows you to specifically strengthen respiratory muscles as well as setting an additional training stimulus due to subsequent oxygen deficit. The POWERBREATHER offers variable tube extensions (SPEED VENT easy L) and special diffusors (called FLIP or WAVE CAP) especially for swimmers in open water and for snorkel divers, equipping such users perfectly for different wind and wave conditions.


Unobstructed view, low water resistance, and secure positioning without strain – those are the characteristics that make the POWERBREATHER comfortable to wear. All the important components can be adjusted easily and individually. The mouthpiece can be adjusted continuously using the EASY Fit Air Junction, which also brings the D-Tubes (air channels) that run parallel over the cheeks into the properly angled position. A unique twist lock system, used for the first time in swimming, allows for a perfect position on the head. Thanks to the AMEO Twist Lock System one single move with your hand is all it takes to secure the POWERBREATHER, thus always sitting properly without any strain.
Another advantage: Contrary to existing swim snorkels, the POWERBREATHER does not obstruct your sight, ensuring a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Swimmer and POWERBREATHER will become one unit – for easy floating!


Patented valve technology prevents water from entering while you breathe. Options available with added resistance for added respiratory training.


Quick-positioning mouthpiece brings D-TUBES into proper position for maximum fit and comfort.


The easy-to-use dial adjustment ensures a custom ergonomic fit. The POWERBREATHER stays secure, even during fast flip turns.


Dual tubes are shaped for comfort and used for intake only, so there’s no risk of exhaled air containing CO2 reentering your lungs.


Replacement mouthpieces are available in the standard black or a softer clear.




Sold as a pair.  The FLIP / WAVE caps slide on to the top of the Speedvents and snap into place.  They are not needed to use the Powerbreather (PB) but aid in preventing water from entering the tubes in certain conditions.

Water can enter the Powerbreather in 2 ways:

  1. Waves, splashing… The PB is designed to only open up when inhaling air, at that second, water could enter.
  2. Flip turns… for some, doing a flip turn and timing the breathing can cause the vents to open slightly for a second, long enough to let some water in.  Though with practice, this can be avoided.

For either of these scenarios, we’ve found the FLIP Cap to aid in preventing water from entering the Powerbreather.  In many cases, people don’t need it for choppy water, but it does help in bigger wave conditions.  And flip turns, same here, not everyone needs them, but they do help.


Tip: What to do if water enters the Powerbreather:

Simply exhale slowly and evenly, and the tubes will drain out from your mouth piece.


Sold as a pair.  Available in short only.

Fits any model PowerBreather – Wave, Lap, or Short.

Sold as a pair. Comes in Short size only.

The Speed Vent Medium has a bit more resistance than the Speed Vent Easy, that now comes standard with all Powerbreather models.  The Speed Vent Medium is equivalent to what was originally included with the Powerbreather until March 2017.  We had requests to make the breathing easier (Speed Vent Easy) and requests to make it harder (Speed Vent Power) so we did both.  It ultimately came down to the majority of swimmers want it as easy as possible, so that’s what comes with it now.

Adding the Speed Vent Medium and Speed Vent Power to your Powerbreather can add a hypoxic effect to your workout.  Easily interchanged on any Powerbreather model.  Essentially, you are restricting your breather to create an effect of training at altitude.  With the Powerbreather, you are still only breathing fresh air.  This is very important.

There are many theories and even science on hypoxic training and the benefits.  From Ironman athletes at Kona, to those with Asthma, people swear by it. In fact, the making of the Power Speed Vent was from direct feedback and requests from some of the worlds top triathletes.  It is favored and endorsed by many, yet discouraged by others and not for everyone.  It is recommended you consult with a swim coach, your doctor, and do your own research before taking on a training regiment that includes the Speed Vent Power.



Fits any model.  This is the standard Speed Vent Easy included with all new Powerbreather models as of March 2017.  It is sold at a reduced price as a courtesy for those with Powerbreather purchased previous to the release.  Previous models would have come with an equivalent to a Speed Vent Medium (a little harder to breathe).

Long – 1 1/8′ longer than the short.

  • If you swim very low in the water and need extra clearance.
  • If you want that little extra when coming up from your flip turn to get air sooner.
  • If you are in wave like conditions where having your Speed Vents higher above the surface will help keep clearance.





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