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Astute’s Moon Pilarga VT Luxury Saddle boasts a full carbon, self-supporting anti-vibration
twin shell to dampen road vibrations and reinforce the construction.
It also has Astute’s Spas System Technology (SPAS), which consists of 2 pads between the carbon rails and the shells.
These further dampen sudden shocks and feedback from the road and combine
with the advanced shell to ensure ultimate comfort and maximum performance.

Memory Foam and Central Cut-Out
To ensure you’ll enjoy lasting comfort on very long rides, the Moon Luxury VT is also equipped with advanced memory foam.
This helps to disperse your body weight equally across the saddle and in combination with the long central cut-out,prevents pressure points on sensitive areas.
The foam is also custom tapered towards the nose of the saddle, to offer you consistent comfort in all riding positions.


  • Padding: Memory foam
  • Shell: Full Carbon Fibre twin shell
  • Rails: Carbon Fibre 7x9mm
  • Central cut-out
  • Spas System Technology (SPAS)
  • Hand made in Italy
  • Size:135x275mm
  • Weight:167g (+/-8%)


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