BONT Riot TR+ Triathlon Shoe



Bont Riot TR+, the world’s only carbon composite heat moldable entry level triathlon shoe. The Riot TR+ combines Bont’s pro series technical features including our power transfer platform and anatomical shaping with competition grade materials to create the most technically advanced entry level triathlon shoe.

Take a seat for something the World has yet to see. Ready to redefine how entry level triathletes compete, the Riot TR+ Triathlon Shoe is the first ever carbon composite heat mouldable tri footwear and inspires comfort and performance levels for an improved ride.

Shape of You

Moulding to your foot for unrivalled comfort, the fully heat mouldable chassis utilises expoxy thermoset resin to work around your shape for the perfect fit. Extremely lightweight, comfort is certainly at the forefront of this high-end performer and the independent double hook and loop tightens your fitting immediately for a quick transition. If that isn’t enough, the loop at the back of the shoe helps secure your foot when climbing out of the water for an immediate getaway on the bike.

Breathable Performance

To keep you cool no matter how fast you travel, the mesh inserts offer breathability for maximum airflow, reducing the build-up of sweat to boost performance. For an explosive power transfer, Bont have opted for a carbon composite construction of their sole to provide a better partnership with the pedals. With a powerful cadence welcomed thanks to the three hole look configuration aligning your cleats with better accuracy, shedding seconds off your personal best is certain to infuriate your rivals.


    • Carbon Composite Construction with Microfiber Upper
    • 4.8 mm
    • Ventilations holes through mesh inserts
    • Comfort
    • Replaceable
    • 3 Hole Look Configuration
    • Fully Heat Mouldable Chassis utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
    • Independent Double Velcro Closure
    • 230 grams

as of January 22, 2019 (subject to changes as time progresses)

Size 40.5 (1)
Size 42.5 (2)
Size 44 (2)
Size 44.5 (3)
Size 45 (1)
Size 46.5 (2)

Size 40 (3)
Size 40.5 (3)
Size 41 (1)
Size 42 (1)
Size 42.5 (1)
Size 43 (1)
Size 44 (1)
Size 44.5 (1)
Size 46 (4)
Size 46 (2)

Size 40 (1)
Size 42 (2)
Size 42.5 (1)
Size 43 (1)

Size 40 (15)
Size 40.5 (2)
Size 41 (2)
Size 42.5 (1)
Size 43 (2)
Size 44 (2)
Size 44.5 (1)
Size 45 (1)


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