Compressport Arm Force Fluo






  • Improved oxygenation through optimal blood circulation that minimizes cramps and injuries. Toxins are eliminated and recovery is quicker.
  • If confronted to shocks and vibrations during the effort, your arm is protected against aches, contractures, and injuries.
  • Benefiting from the thermo-regulation technology, the arm sleeves ensure your arm remains warm through colds, chills, and rains. During hot seasons arms stay cool.
  • Odors and bacteria are wiped out efficiently, thanks to the sanitized treatment this exclusive European fiber has been through.
  • The arm contours fit well in the arm sleeves, thus ensuring optimum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable, the Armforce arm sleeves are tear-proof, non-pilling and 100% recyclable.
  • Perspiration catchers at the bottom of the right arm sleeve allow you to wipe away perspiration, as a wristband would do. No extra water is loaded in the garment, maximum ventilation is guaranteed and it dries quickly.

Product Description

True to the philosophy of compression, these arm sleeves are one of a kind! Compression, comfort, and freedom of movement are all guaranteed, from the wrist to the bottom of the elbow and from the top of the elbow to the biceps and triceps for better performances, muscle protection, and recovery. This arm sleeve is ideal for any sport – biking, mountain hiking, racing, tails, etc. It compresses, protects and helps recover quickly.


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