Compressport Pro Racing BIKE HIGH CUT Socks V3



Compressport Pro Racing BIKE HIGH CUT Socks V3

Cycling socks offering excellent support, optimal moisture management for superior comfort.

Foot comfort can have a big impact on your overall performance.

Compressport has developed a cycling sock designed for you to enjoy your ride and perform at your top potential under all conditions. The PRS V3 Bike deliver great support while keeping your feet fully comfortable. A slightly compressive band around the arch support doesn’t only prevent the socks from moving inside the shoes, it also stimulates venous return for more tonicity and strength. Ergonomic and snugly fitted, they prevent chafing and wounds. Ventilation strips all around the feet and ankles combined with fast-drying fibers enable the socks to dry very quickly so you avoid wet feet. The 3D Dots act as small cushions to make the ride smoother and also help water evacuation. In the ergonomic toe box, the forefoot can lie comfortably. Seamless and elastic-free, they do not create irritation or pressure on your calves, yet the socks stay put without sliding down.

The black PRS V3 Bike are the ideal summer cycling socks for men and women.




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T2 / T3


Key Benefits

Hot spot prevention thanks to specific fibres in targeted areas which stop your feet from feeling hot and burning up during running
Anti-slip technologies which prevent the fabric from moving or folding as you run and increase the grip of the foot in the shoe
Breathable and highly-ventilated fabric, ensuring sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away so feet stay fresh and dry



– Blood circulates well because the 3D dots act on acupressure points of the foot.
– The 3D.Dots secure the Achilles ligament and the malleolus area. Shocks are thus easily absorbed.
– As the 3D.dots are multidirectional, the socks grip well in the shoes. Strides are balanced.
– The fibres do not retain water and feet remain dry.
– Sewn without seams and elastic, these socks do not press the muscles and tendons.
– Your toes are free as the toe piece does not compact them.
– By stimulating blood flow, the ergonomic arch support helps evacuate toxins.

– The 3D.DOTS are multi-directional and ensure maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet from slipping during effort.

Achilles protection:
– The cushioning effect of the 3D.DOTS at the rear of the sock protect the Achilles tendon from friction and pressure.

Ac pressurice:
– “The massaging acupressure” is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area.

– Located in the arch of the foot, it also provides for venous return and recovery.

1 Hemless Layer:
– Seamless and without elastic, the upper part of the sock does not compress the leg, thus relieving the pressure in that area.

– Air enters the product which prevents the sole of the foot from overheating during effort.

– Targeted layout of ventilation mesh makes it more breathable and helps wick humidity, whatever the outside temperature, the level and duration of your effort.

Water Extraction:
– The 3D.dots do not retain water (rain, hydration, perpiration) and facilitate its discharge. Feet stay dry.

– Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

Malleolus protect:
– The 3D.dots on the inner part of the malleolus help with the prevention of shocks.

Anatomically correct:
– Specially designed for right and left foot in order to adhere to the anatomy of the foot and maintain your performances.

– “The massaging acupressure” is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area.

360° Arch Support:
– Optimum support in technical and demanding runs, long descents and technical trails for greater stability.

Strap Support:
– Ankle strap for additional support to reduce shocks on the Achilles tendon and the back of the foot.


  • Machine Wash at 30°C
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Tumble Dry


Use the chart below to determine your size. If you´re on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If your measurements for bust and waist correspond to two different suggested sizes, order the size indicated by your bust measurement.

Size EU Women US Men US UK

35 – 38



2.5 – 5


39 – 41



5.5 – 7


42 – 44



7.5 – 9.5


45 – 48



10 – 12.5


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