Compressport Sweatbands 3D Dots



Sweatbands 3D.Dots

Multisport wristband to wipe perspiration from your face with ultra-absorbent properties and fast-drying fibers.

Functional, intelligent and colorful, the wrist sweatbands are designed to keep you dry thanks to Compressport’s know-how in terms of moisture management and comfort. Explore Compressport’s selection of wrist sweatbands for trail running, triathlon, running, cycling and racket sports.



The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry.

Grip 3D dots

The 3D DOTS absorb perspiration. They do not retain water and allow the air to flow between them for an ultra fast drying!

Compressport Sweatbands 3D Dots is the perfect multisport accessory to keep your forehead and your hands dry. With its 3D Dots acting like small cushions, this wristband absorbs excessive sweat from your forehead and will stop it from running down your arm. The fast-drying fibers evacuate perspiration in no time so you don’t stay with a sweat heavy piece of cloth around the wrist. Extensible, it fits all sizes. Wear it for all your intense activities from the gym to the courts and add a colorful touch to your outfit.

-The inside part of the sweatband has a specific aerated woven structure that allows air to circulate freely and helps wick moisture away instantly.
-100% Seamless, this sweatband fits your wrist perfectly, maximising their efficiency and comfort
-No chaffing allowed.
-100% hygienic as it has gone through the Meyrl Skinlife Treatment that helps prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odors. You stay fresh all day long.


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