COMPRESSPORT Cycling Water Bottle / Bidon 600 mL





Red and white cycling bottle to stay hydrated as you ride with an ergonomic grip, lightweight and functional design.

This red and white cycling bottle will perfectly fit your bike bottle cage. With its very ergonomic grip, its wide opening and functional nozzle, you can easily drink on the go. Maintain your performance by staying hydrated at all times with this red and white cycling bottle.

Bidon, water bottle, drink bottle… Different words for a convenient container that we have all received at least once in a race goodie bag, and use on a daily-basis. Our medium-sized, 600ml red bike bidon fits perfectly onto your bike or into your bag. Flexible, it can be tipped up and squeezed for fast, effortless hydration. It is guaranteed 100% PVC and BPA-free so you can safely use it, wash it and use it again. Simply put it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning after your session. The racy design integrates the Compressport identity to (surely) make you even quicker.





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