Rudy Project has excelled once again with Airstorm the brand new helmet is dedicated to enthusiasts of road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon looking for high-performance.

It effectively disperses excess heat.
Maintaining your performance.

When practicing sport, part of the body’s energy is consumed by the heat regulation process, so that you cool down and do not increase your internal temperature. Your performance, therefore, is conditioned by the ability of the body to eliminate the excess heat.
Airstorm™ guarantees the highest level of performance as it assists with the quick and effective expulsion of heat from inside the helmet. The 16 front air vents also effectively draw fresh air into the helmet.
The internal design of the crown has been shaped to create grooves which channel the flow of hot air outwards and dissipate the heat.

The only pressure you feel will come from your rivals.

Just 260 g is an extremely low weight for a helmet whose key features are ventilation, aerodynamics and comfort. AirstormTM, in fact, is the result of a thorough ergonomics study carried out by the Rudy Project designers, as a result of which the weight has been optimally distributed on the pressure points of the helmet on the head, ensuring a comfortable fit and preventing the accumulation of sweat and humidity.
An ergonomic fit is essential for wearing a cycling helmet without any inconvenience while both training and competing. The shape of the head differs from person to person, so mechanisms have been designed which can adapt the fit of the helmet to individual requirements and, at the same time, guarantee total protection. The first of these mechanisms is the RSR8 Retention System™, a minimal and ultra-light slip-proof system that has three adjustable height positions to ensure maximum stability. The RSR8 Retention System™ also has a micrometric regulation system which can also be activated with just one hand when on the move.

Air has designed its shape.

Aerodynamics, ventilation and protection have sculpted the design of the helmet. This is why a structural reinforcement built into the crown has also become a distinctive design element. The crown and the air vents have been shaped in order to obtain the best compromise between aerodynamic penetration and ventilation capacity. The wide front ventilation opening effectively conveys the air and is a distinctive style and functional element of the Rudy Project helmet line. The short tapered appendix offers a cool stylistic appeal and, at the same time, contains 6 extractors which expel the hot, damp air from inside the helmet.
The technical and racy design of Airstorm™ with its sculpted lines and modern shape offers the unmistakable “technically cool” style of Rudy Project.

An all-inclusive helmet.

Airstorm™ has a removable mountain bike visor to prevent dazzling from the sun in and out of the woods or impact with branches and to protect the face from the elements (drops of rain, etc.). It also has two removable and washable interchangeable paddings: one with an insect net and a thinner one which ensures greater air circulation or the insertion of a wind bandana in winter. Airstorm™ is fitted with adhesive reflectors positioned at the back of the helmet and is available in bright fluorescent colors, in the same color variants as the glasses, ensuring greater visibility and, therefore, greater safety.









Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drawing from over years of experience, the Rudy Project collection elevate the performance of athletes at every level. Since 1985 all Rudy Project products masterfully blend cutting-edge technology and aesthetically sculpted design, along with Italian styling and attention to detail, to make some of the world’s best eyewear, hi-tech prescription solutions, helmets and sports gear. Legends of cycling, motorsports, triathlon, and many other disciplines represent Rudy Project as they wear the brand’s helmets and sunglasses in training and competition across the globe. By using athlete feedback, Rudy Project has developed unique products with the latest designs, aerodynamics, and technology. For this reason, Rudy Project supports and offers gear solutions to thousands of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts all around the world.  The end result is a collection of products that elevate athlete’s safety, comfort and, above all, performance in any field of play. Rudy Project is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of performance sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and prescription solutions of the highest technical level.

Founded in Treviso, Italy in 1985, Rudy Project has been a global leader in the field of sports eyewear for over 30 years. By selling products in more than 60 countries worldwide, the company has re-affirmed its international vocation with its second generation of entrepreneurs, Cristiano and Simone Barbazza.


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