An intelligent scale equipped to help you reach your ideal weight.

  • Measures weight, body fat and water percentages, muscle and bone mass, BMI, BMR and AMR (calories burned)
  • Automatic data transfer to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology
  • Highly resistant glass plate, coated with ITO electrodes
  • Functions exclusively with the free Runtastic Libra app
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini


Wireless data transfer

Reach goals with ease

With the right information, reaching your goals has never been easier. Runtastic Libra helps you attain your ideal weight and body fat goals by providing you with detailed body metrics and targets. Viewing how far you’ve come and how far you have to go will keep you focused & motivated!

Know your daily calorie allowance

Automatic recognition of up to 8 unique users

Runtastic Libra recognizes and manages up to eight unique users at a given time. Your friends and family don’t even need to have their own smartphones – users can be managed with just one Runtastic Libra app.

How The Libra Scale & App Work

What’s a Body Analyzer Scale?
A body analyzer scale is a scale that can measure various aspects of your body composition such as weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and water content. A body analyzer scale can then use this data to help you understand your body better and calculate your recommended calorie consumption based on your weight goals. As you can see, the humble bathroom scale has come a long way from a spinning dial showing your weight.

How does a Body Analyzer Scale work?
It all sounds very impressive how a scale can know so much about you, but how does it do it? Well, the Libra scale has 4 electrodes on the highly resistant glass plate. With these 4 electrodes, the Libra is able to do a bioelectrical impedance analysis. A bioelectrical impedance analysis is a method of working out body composition by sending a small, harmless, electrical current through the body. It’s important to stand on the Libra barefoot so that the current isn’t blocked.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis measures the resistance a current faces as it travels through the body. The signal travels easier through the water content found in the body (blood, muscles) but faces more resistance as it travels through fat and bone. Based on these readings of resistance, combined with other factors like height, weight, gender, activity level and age – an accurate body composition reading can be made.

Tips on usage: To get consistent readings, users should weigh themselves each morning after emptying their bladder and before having breakfast. Also, users should be barefoot and not be fully clothed.

Please note: The Libra must not be used by people with medical implants (e.g. pacemakers) since their functionality may be impaired. Also, women should not use the Libra while pregnant. The Libra is also not suitable for children under the age of 10.

Runtastic Libra
The Runtastic body analyzer scale is called Libra, after the Zodiac sign, as it brings everything into balance. The Libra scale can show you your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, body water content, BMI and daily calorie requirements based on your activity levels and goals. All this data is displayed in the Libra app as the data is sent from the scale to your phone via Bluetooth Smart. By using Bluetooth Smart, the batteries have a much longer lifespan than if WiFi was used as the connection method.

With the Libra you can also set goals, whether it’s fat loss, weight loss or weight gain. Also, the Libra can recognize up to 8 unique users automatically – so simply step on for your own personal body composition reading!

The Libra App
The Libra app keeps track of your user profile, latest measurement, measurement history and your goals. To connect to your Libra, you need to insert batteries into the scale, download the app, switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and connect with the tap of a button. Here you can connect to your Libra, press the button underneath the Libra and stay near the scale so the Bluetooth connection can be made. Once you’re connected you can take your first measurement!

Once you have taken a measurement, your weight will be displayed in the app with a ring around it that depicts how much of that weight is made up of body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and other tissue. These are also displayed below the weight reading with what percentage they are of your total weight, your water content is also displayed showing you how hydrated you are, and if you are in a healthy range or not. The readings taken with the Libra automatically update your weight in your account too! Also, if you have a MyFitnessPal account connected then your weight will be updated there too, and vice versa.



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